The Road Trip Diary

This provides an overview of all the road trips covered on floralcars. The list is stored alphabetically by the destination of the trip.

This road trip section carried over from a tribe on DriveTribe, which I dubbed The Rookie Road Tripper (abbrev. TRRT) back in 2017. Even though, I passed my rookie qualifications and it has proudly immigrated to floralcars, the name lives on.

Since a road trip, can span over various countries, I also added the information which countries have been mentioned during the story telling. Those stories cover a wide range such as typical tourist activities, day trips to museums, photo stories, where to stay, personal stories and motivation.

Sit back and enjoy!

24 Heures du Mans

Countries mentioned: France
Year: 2019

Alpine Passing TM

Countries mentioned: Austria
Year: 2020 

The Austrian Grand Prix 

Countries mentioned: Austria
Year: 2018

Berlin + Potsdam

Countries mentioned: Czech Republic | Germany
Year: 2019

The Coromandel Peninsula

Countries mentioned: New Zealand
Year: 2019

Großglockner Hochalpenstraße

Countries mentioned: Austria | Germany
Years: 2017 | 2018 | 2019



Seat Ibiza in der Kalten Kuchl ; Schneeberg

Kalte Kuchl

Countries mentioned: Austria
Year: 2017


Countries mentioned: Germany
Year: 2019


Countries mentioned: Austria
Year: 2018


Countries mentioned: Austria
Year: 2020

Porsche Museum Stuttgart

The Rookie Road Tripper Visits 

This is a special sub-category that focuses on visits to various car museums.

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