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The following list provides an overview of all the books that have been reviewed so far.

Books which were part of lists - such as a summer reading list - are indicated with an *. Reviews that are not yet published are marked with [NYP].

Book titles are in the language in which I have read them. If this is not English, the title is mentioned in the original language afterwards. Titles from books which are not available in English, will not be translated into English here. 

Sorted by the author's surname:

Barker, Meg-John - editor: Non-Binary Lives
Barnard, Sara: Beautiful Broken Things
Barr, Emily: The One Memory of Flora Banks*
Beckett, Simon: Katz und Maus (Cat and Mouse)*
Bowen, L.A.: One Too Many Lies
Bowman, Erin: Dustborn
Bible, Jake: Agent Prime*
Button, Jenson: Life To The Limit
Brennan Joseph - editor: Queerbaiting and Fandom
Brown, Rita Mae: Pawing Through the Past*

Caldwell, Zoe: Predator*

Decker, Julie Sondra: The Invisible Orientation*
Dismuke, Faith: Sprint Dreams 
Doane Morgan: How to Raise A Plant
Doerr, Anthony: All The Light We Cannot See*
Djako, Andrej: Die Reise in die Dunkelheit (Bo Mpak)* | Die Reise ins Licht (К свету)* | Hinter dem Horizon (За горизонт)*

Eddo-Lodge, Reni: Why I Am No Longer Talking To White People About Race*
Emmons, Abbie: 100 Days of Sunlight

Fielding, Annabel: Lying With Lions 
Flynn, Gillian: Sharp Objects*
Foster, Elizabeth: Esme's Gift |  Esme's Wish
Friedman, Sanford: Totempole

Gaiman, Neil:  American Gods* | Good Omens (Amazon Original Series) | Good Omens (Book)
Gibbs, Olga: Harbinger Hallow | Halo Heavenward | No Child of Mine [NYP] 
Gill, AA: Pour Me. A Life
Glukhovsky, Dmitry: Metro 2033 | Metro 2034 | Metro 2035  
Green, John: The Fault In Our Stars* | Let It Snow
Gupta, Kat - editor: Non-Binary Lives

Hannah, Sophie: The Telling Error*
Hansen, Melanie: Loving A Warrior
Haring Erin: How to Raise A Plant
Henley, Andrew: Blackhole Heart Beat*
Higgins, Nan: The Mortician's Daughter 
Honeyman, Gail: Eleanor Olpihant is Completely Fine*
Hoover, Colleen: Without Merit*
Horton, Spring: A Haunting in Edinburgh | Murder at the Museum (Websiode)The Veritas Guild


Jae: Perfect Rhythm
Johnson, Maureen: Let It Snow

Kann, Claire: Let's Talk About Love 
Kasten, Mona: Save Me*
Kelly, Susie: In Foreign Fields: How Not To Move To France
Konietzko, Bryan: Avatar: The Last Airbender*
Kushner Tony: Angels in America*
Kim, Angie: Miracle Creek 
King, Stephen: 1408* | Sleeping Beauties
King, Owen: Sleeping Beauties

Levithan, David: Every Day | Someday*
Lockhart, E: How To Be Bad | We Were Liars*
Löwisch, Roland: Junkyard
Lundin, Britta: Ship It

Many, Christopher: Nach dem Horizon Links*
Maly, Beate: Tod in Baden* | Tod am Semmering* | Tod an der Wien*
Marlantes, Karl: Matterhorn*
Mateo Sanz, Mercedes: Abanico español*
Matthews, Rachel: Lies Behind The Ruin
Mlynowisky, Sarah: How To Be Bad
Mohr Thomas: Die Schützen*
Monet, Ashia: The Black Veins*
Morelli, Frank: No Sad Songs | On The Way To Birdland 
Morgenstern, Erin: Night Circus*
Moyes, JoJo: The Ship Of Brides*
Munir, Sheryn: Falling Into Place*
Murakami, Haruki: What I Talk About When I Talk About Running*
Myracle, Lauren: How To Be Bad  |  Let It Snow


Ormsbee, Kathryn: Tash Hearts Tolstoy
Oseman, Alice: Loveless 

Paris, B. A.: Behind Closed Doors*
Phael, J.O.: The Stag God 
Portisch, Hugo: Russland und Wir*
Pratchett, Terry: Good Omens (Book)
Pulley, Natasha: The Watchmaker of Filigree Street*


Reed, Christina Hammond: The Black Kids 
Rebmann, Dieter: Junkyard
Round, Jeffrey: Lion's Head Revisited
Ryle, Robyn: She/He/They/Me

Scheuerer, Helen: Heart of Mist | Reign of Mist 
Schwab, V. E.: Vengeful | Vicious 
Shibahara, B. Jeanne: Kaerou Time to Go Home
Silvera, Adam: What If It's Us?
Simmons, Dan: The Terror*
Strugatsky, Arkady: Atomvulkan Golkonda (Страна багровых туч) [NYP] | Roadside Picnic | Der Weg zur Amalthea (Путь на Амальтею)* 
Strugatsky, Boris: Atomvulkan Golkonda (Страна багровых туч) [NYP] | Roadside Picnic | Der Weg zur Amalthea (Путь на Амальтею)*

Traviss Karen: Aspho Fields | Jacinto's Remnant [NYP] | The Slab [NYP]
Twist, Jos - editor: Non-Binary Lives


Valea, Roxana: Through Dust And Dreams
Valey, Charles: Watson on the Orient Express
Vannicola Joanne: All We Knew But Couldn't Say
Vincent Ben - editor: Non-Binary Lives
Vitali Vitaliev: Out of the Blu

Wasef Basem: Speed Read: Supercar 
Webber, Mark: Aussie Grit*
Weinstein, Mobee: The Complete Book Of Ferns
Werlinger, Caren J.: Turning For Home*
WiLK, THEA: Lara - der Anfang*


Yang, Gene Luen: Avatar: The Last Airbender*
Young, Eris: They/Them/Their


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