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This page gives an easy overview of all the beauty products which have been reviewed on floralcars.com:


essence: G'Day SydneyLash Princess Lipstick - No. 21 Très Chic and No. 27 Mystic Violet |
YSL: All Hours Encre de Peau Foundation |

Nail Products:

Born Pretty: Matte Black |
Catrice: The Brown Collection | Lux Chrome |           
ebelin: Nagellackentferner  |             
Kiss: Gel Fantasy |
Maybelline New York: Express Remover | Jade Express Nails |
OPI: Perú Infinite Shine
trend IT UP: Glitter PaintPrisma Tip |


Clarins: Eye Contour Gel |

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If you want me to review a certain product then feel free to contact me via the contact form or write an email to susanne[at]floralcars.com. I am always open to suggestions and collaborations. Thank you!

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