floralcars - noun; a lifestyle blog focusing on books, and travel. Est. 2017

#Books:  Books, books, and ... more books. Here are book reviews, bookish topics, and everything inspired and based on books. My most reviewed genres are Fantasy, LGBT+, and Young Adult

#Media: A general mix of tv-shows, movies, games, and music. 

#Travel:  exploring one spot at a time - often with the car on a road trip. Here are road trip stories, day trips, as well as general travel shenanigans hidden. 

#Life: Ever thought about this crazy little life? I have, and so the think pieces were born. As well as a few cooking videos are hiding there. 

#Writing and Blogging: what it says on the tin! gossip and tips. 

The Blogger


From 2017 - 2022  I ran floralcars as a lifestyle blog with focus on the topics books and travel. During this time, I collaborated with various authors, and have taken part in promotional book tours. In 2016 I was accepted as a writer for the motoring platform www.drivetribe.com in advance of its launch.

Others About floralcars

"I was thrilled when Susanne agreed to review my young adult novel, "On the Way to Birdland", because I'd been following her brilliant book pics on Instagram for a while. Even so, my expectations were far exceeded. Not only did Susanne provide a thorough, honest, and nuanced review of my work, but she also complimented the existing beauty of my book's cover with her deft eye for design and photography. I give Susanne my highest recommendation." 

"Susanne very kindly offered to review my book 'Children of Sinai'. I was most impressed with the fact that, not only did she write a very detailed review (which must have taken a lot of work on her part) but Susanne took the time to take some lovely photographs which she used to decorate the review. I found her to be most helpful and friendly whilst maintaining her professionalism. Susanne has my highest recommendation."

"Susanne is professional, friendly and courteous in her approach to blogging. Would it be reviews, blog tour participation or guest posts, you could be rest assured that you will receive quality reviews and interactions in friendly, yet honest manner. She is a pleasure to work with and a fantastic person to know. She’s supportive, friendly, honest and fun. Every interaction with her is a pleasure and I have found a wonderful friend in Susanne."

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