floralcars is a lifestyle blog with the main focus on beauty products, books, and travel! 

#Beauty:   reviews and wishlists - the main focus lies on nail varnish.

#Books:   book reviews, reading lists, and everything that a bookworm's heart desires!
A full list of the all the reviews on the blog is available here.

#Travel:  exploring the world one road at the time.

Other topics are #life, and #writing and blogging.

Susanne Kainer
Founder - Austria, Europe

Since 2017 I run floralcars as a lifestyle blog and as a writer, I cover a wide range of topic such as lifestyle, books, motorsports (mostly Formula E and WEC), and travelling. A list of works outside of this blog can be found here. Furthermore, in 2016 I was accepted as a writer for the motoring platform www.drivetribe.com in advance of its launch. 

Outside of blogging I pass the time with photography, sports, and cat petting.

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Germany, Europe

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