floralcars is where you can find books, lifestyle and writing all in one place. The main focus lies on book reviews, lifestyle, road trips and nail products.

#Books: Ever wondered what to read next? You can have a look around and get inspired. Here are book reviews and reading lists.

The majority of genres are Young Adult and Thriller books, even though the genres are varied and I try to read across-the-board.A full list of the all the reviews on the blog is available here.

#Lifestyle: A little bit of everything is hidden in this tag: from beauty product reviews and tips, from fitness ramblings, musing about life to travel reports from road trips!

Lifestyle is split into #Beauty, #Entertainment, #Fitness, #Life & #Travel!

#Writing: Blogging and writing tips? What is the best motivation for any writer and blogger? And what should be included in each article? All this and more is in there. 

Susanne Kainer
Founder - Austria, Europe

I founded floralcars in mid-2015, and since 2017 it is run as a lifestyle and book blog. As a writer, I cover a wide range of topic such as lifestyle, books, motorsport, road trips, travelling and writing. In 2016 I have been accepted as a writer for the motoring platform www.drivetribe.com in advance of its launch.

Outside of blogging I pass the time with the occasional sheep-doodle, sports, photography, and cat petting.

You can find me on:

Contributer - Germany, Europe

I am a hobby illustrator. I write about art and life in general at www.sovotchka.eu. When not doing art, I patiently wait for autumn and look longingly at owls, travel guides, roads, Alfa Romeos, and other people's cats.

You can find me on:

Work With Me

#Reviews and Sponsored Posts: I offer to write an honest review of your product, include it in a blog post and more. Preferred areas are: books (YA, Thriller, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy) and nail and beauty products.

#Blog Posts: I am open to collaboration with other websites and bloggers.
If you want to write a guest post for this blog, please, disclose your idea, blog URL, and a link with your best work.

Please contact me for question and inquires. 
You can use the form on the contact page.

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