The Circuit de la Sarthe in Monochrome Polaroids

Le Mans in Polaroids

In June 2019, a small Austrian in tow with a slightly taller German rocked up in the town of Le Mans. There the small Austrian saw many things, and many glittering cars going fast. She was in love ... but how could she share the love for this place with the wider world?

If you haven't already guessed, the small Austria is your humble blogger - at about 1,63 meters height. The way I chose to go about sharing the atmosphere is similar to what I already did at the 2018 Austrian Grand Prix. There I shared monochrome impressions.

In 2019, I decided to capture the atmosphere with monochrome polaroids because it was the newest toy I had in my arsenal. Why did I go with monochrome this time? Personally, I think monochrome is one of the better styles to capture a feeling instead of trying to beautifully capture a moment. Furthermore, back than I hadn't had a lot of experience with a polaroid camera but soon learned that black and white is easier to capture when it comes to light conditions.

There is nothing that screams out "Le Mans" better than the start finish straight ...

24h Le Mans - Polaroids

as well as Dunlop bridge. Where I was kinda disappointed that it is made out of cardboard but I am not quite sure what I expected.

24h Le Mans - Polaroids

On Friday the pitlane and the track up to Dunlop is open and available to visit for every day folks. This means that you can experience walking down the pit lane and watch while the mechanics work on the cars:

24h Le Mans - Polaroids

All of that with no additional fees. This is as close as you can get to seeing the main straight and feel what the race tack is like:

24h Le Mans - Polaroids

Furthermore, you walk right underneath the winner podium where the huuuuge trophy is presented.

24h Le Mans - Polaroids

Then there are always the marshals at the race track, keeping the drivers safe and sound.

24h Le Mans - Polaroids

Which means that it is time to find a nice place to sit and enjoy the race. We always preferred the Dunlop corner. This is also where this photo came into existence, which I dubbed the "California Prison Break Photo" for reasons that become obvious:

24h Le Mans - Polaroids

Le Mans is one of those road trips that I will always hold dear, for the experience and the atmosphere and so much more. I am glad I captured my shots in polaroids making each and every one unique.


  1. I actually prefer black and white for certain types of photography and this is one of them. I think it gives a really vintage and historical feel, perfect for motor racing at this track - love this, Susanne!

    1. Thank you! I also feel that in some cases monochrome does more for the atmosphere :)


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