#Vlog: Susanne kocht ... Asparagus Risotto

"If you know the Germans you know that they love about four things. Which is: beer, Autobahnen, bread, and asparagus. "

Corona has not only influenced my work but also travel habits. As a result my plan to drive to Potsdam and Berlin once more is cancelled which also means that I am unable to take a look at one of the peak German things: Spargelzeit - asparagus season. In order to compensate, I decided to cook an asparagus risotto on the 39 of the Austrian lockdown! 


This video is dedicated to Silver and their asparagus fetish. 


  • 500g white asparagus 
  • 200g risotto rice 
  • 200ml white wine 
  • 200g Parmesan cheese 
  • 1 onion
  • a lemon/lime slice 
  • butter for the pot 


Peel the asparagus and keep the "leftovers" 

STEP 2: 

Put these "leftovers" into 600ml of water, add the citrus slice and cook it at low to medium heat for 15 minutes. Afterwards, remove them from the stock.


Cut the asparagus into smaller pieces and add them to the stock. Let it cook for another 6 minutes. Once more remove everything from the stock, keep the asparagus pieces close by.

STEP 4: 

Line a pot with butter, chop the onion and let it simmer. Add the risotto rice and wait until it becomes transparent.

STEP 5: 

Pour the wine into the pot and under a constant steer wait until the rice has soaked up the fluid. Afterwards, use the stock in which you cooked the asparagus "leftovers" as well as the pieces. Continue to do so until you have no more stock left. This takes about 40 minutes.

STEP 6: 

Turn the heat to full and quickly add the asparagus pieces and the cheese. Constantly steer for about 5 minutes. 

Guten Appetit! 

To go down memory lane, you can read all about my last trip to Berlin and Potsdam here: 

Background music: Luke Bergs - Better Times

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