#Vlog: Susanne Cooks .... Schnitzel

"Unlike the Palatschinke you can't actually flip this ... at least I wouldn't suggest it."

After asking on Twitter, if you'd prefer a veggie bean burger or Schnitzel next, the votes were clear: Schnitzel. So on day #29 of the Austrian lockdown, I rolled up my sleeves and started to cook the traditional dish. It really is quite easy!

((Includes unpaid and accidental camouflaged advertising for OneRepublic.))


  • Schnitzel meat of your choice
  • breadcrumbs 
  • eggs 
  • flour
  • oil for the pan


Beat your schnitzel and prepare flour, eggs, and breadcrumbs on separate plates

STEP 2: 

Cover the schnitzel in those ingredients in the following order (!): from flour to eggs to breadcrumbs. Make sure that every part is covered with them.

STEP 3: 

Put it into the pan and cook one side until it is nicely brown. Then turn onto the other.

STEP 4: 

When done, move the schnitzel onto a plate with kitchen roll. Remove the excessive oil with kitchen roll.


Side-note: As a garnish french fries, potatoes, and/or salad is popular!

Interested in learning how to cook another Austrian dish? 

Here are Palatschinken: #Vlog: Susanne Cooks ... Palatschinken

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