#Vlog: Susanne Cooks ... Maki-Sushi For The First Time Ever

"I am horrified ... but I am also impressed."

On day #18 of the Austrian lockdown, I missed Maki so much that I decided to try making it on my own. This is the very first time I try to do this at home, and the end result may not be instagram worthy but it is certainly edible. Furthermore, some nice picture explanations are always helpful.

P.S.: I learnt AFTER filming that the leafs are called "nori" leaf. I humbly apologize for the error.


  • 200g sushi rice
  • 220ml water
  • 3 nori leafs 
  • 1/2 avocado 
  • 125g salmon 
  • salt
  • sugar
  • rice vinegar


Wash the rice and then cook it with the water by: letting it boil for 2 minutes. Turning the heat down and putting a lid on it - wait 10 minutes. Afterwards, move it from the warm plate and wait another 10 minutes. 

STEP 2: 

Cut the salmon and avocado into stripes, roughly 1 cm in width. 

STEP 3: 

Place the nori leaf with the smooth side onto a bamboo mat. Cover in rice and leave roughly one centimetre free at the top and bottom. Put your filling into the middle. 

STEP 4: 

Wetten both ends and carefully roll the sushi. 


Cut the roll into many smaller pieces with a sharp knife. 

Enjoy your selfmade maki! As an extra, you can always add wasabi and soy sauce. 

Side-Note: You can use a clean kitchen towel instead of a bamboo mat.


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