Adding A Bit Of Greenery: My Spring Plant Haul

One day I decided to buy a fern, then I added another plant, I created an avocado tree as well, and then the shelf on which I stacked them to keep the cats away became too small so something needed to be done about it. Thus, I decided to make half of my work/cat/misc. room into an indoor Wintergarten. 

After putting up some shelves, it was time to buy the most important aspect that make a wintergarten into what it is: plants, and pots. Thus, I hobbled into my local garden centre and IKEA and this is what I came back with:

Pots, pots, and more pots

Most of my pots came from IKEA because I still had a coupon left and this was a chance I couldn't ignore. When I left the store, half of my car boot had been filled with garden pots. In total it had been 8 from IKEA. I got two Ivy/monstera pots, 15 cm in diameter. 

IKEA pots
As well as three woven pots, one with 15 cm in diameter and the other two with 12 cm. The latter are meant to be the new homes for the ivy I took cuttings from. 

IKEA woven pots
Meanwhile, the bigger one would become the pot for a little French peanut I got. 

Then I got two big woven pots with a diameter of 24 cm. These are among the biggest IKEA had in stock and one would become home to a very big Zamioculcas plant in my living room, while the other would take care of my fern. 

IKEA wove pots
At my local garden centre, I added a cute "vintage garden" pot ... 

Starkl vintage garden pot
... as well as acquiring the little pots for the inside of the cachepot, and soil.

Not quite a pot, however, I saw the knotting for a hanging garden and decided to get two. Even though, I don't have any specific plans to use them right away, I felt that it would be a good idea to have it. 

The Greenery 

Since most of my haul consisted of finding the right pots for already existing plants, I only ended up with a handful of new plants. 

IKEA offers this set of three tiny cacti and I decided to get them in a lovely shade of blue pots. 

Then I added a baby succulent to my collects, as well as a coffee plant which looked easy to take care of. These are from my local garden centre. 

After a big operation of repotting and lifting plants, I moved them to their new homes in my still humble indoor garden: 

More about how I created my indoor wintergarten and what it looks like finished will be discussed in a couple of weeks.

Did you get any new plants this spring? Which ones? 


  1. I love this, your indoor garden looks fabulous! It's been a while since I was last in IKEA, I'll have to revisit sometime this year (fingers crossed). And you could try tomatoes or strawberries in hanging baskets (I wrote a post all about edibles to grow indoors recently) - what do you think? X

    1. I'll have a look at that! I want to try tomatoes but I am too scared that they'll die, so I am starting with potatoes next :)


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