Exploring The Skiing Areas of Seefeld

Aside from an adorable town centre, Seefeld also offers the opportunity to stretch your skiing legs, even if you haven't skied in a long time or are a rookie skier. There are various ski rentals as well as Schischulen to chosen from who can help you to get right into it.

A skiing pass is valid for the whole area, and prices start at around 50€ one day, plus 40€ for each following day. (standing: Feburary 2020) Once you have all the equipment and skills, you can dare to use these as well. For this you have two options:


The Gschwandtkopf is right next to the Seekirchl. It offers parking in front of the lifts, and has four Almhütten which are going to meet your needs for food, drinks and bathrooms. Overall the area consists of one chairlift and 5 drag lifts.

Gschwandtkopf Seefeld in Tirol
The area is mostly blue pistes with sometimes slightly steeper parts and one red route. The most fun is choosing your own route from the Gwschandtkopf down towards Seefeld. It is the perfect place to start warming up after a longer break in skiing.

Gschwandtkopf Seefeld in Tirol
Furthermore, from the Gschwandtkopf, you can easily take the piste that leads towards Mösern.

Mösern, Gschwandtkopf Seefeld in Tirol
You can also start from there, as the parking lot is right across the street and you can easily go to your car to pick up supplies. This side is less frequented than the chair lift at Seefeld, despite the fact that it is only a few kilometers outside of the town.

Gschwandtkopf Seefeld in Tirol
Once you get your ski leggies back into the game, you can take on the Rosshütte the next day.


The Rosshütte is a much larger skiing area compared to the Gschwandtkopf. Similar to the Gschwandtkopf, there is free parking available right in front of the area. However, don't let the closed barriers fool you, they open automatically once you sneak closer.

The Rosshütte consists of 12 lifts that take you around the mountain range and up to 2,064 meters above sea level. There are 5 Almhütten to take care of you, as well as a wider range of pistes. Blue is in the minority but you can start easy and find your way down for a few rounds in safety.

Rosshütte, Seefeld in Tirol
However, even if you fear red slopes, I can assure you that most are similar to what you know from Gschwandtkopf. Most of them are very wide and offer lots of spaces to take breaks. Furthermore, there is almost always an alternative route towards a blue slope if you exit at a major point.

The party piece of the Rosshütte is the cliff railway that transports you up to the Rosshütte. From there you can take a car either towards the Seefelder Joch, or the Härmelekopf. However, from the Seefelder Joch the only way down is via a black slope.

Overall, this area offers 6 blue pistes, 4 red pistes, and two black ones.

Rosshütte, Seefeld in Tirol
From the atmosphere, the skiing area was very calm and relaxing. When I had been in Seefeld, there were hardly any people around and the ones I encountered had been very nice and considering - so when you happened to "misplace your skis" people stopped to ask if everything was all right.

Plus, there was always enough space to chose your own route and paths. I felt that the Seefeld skiing area offers the perfect place to get a little bit of skiing done without feeling intimidated. Furthermore, you are going to have a great a view to slide down the mountain.

Rosshütte, Seefeld in Tirol


  1. I had no idea skiing was so expesive (that's a lot of money in my world), but it's definitely something I want to do before snow in Europe is a thing of the past. The pictures look amazing. I hope we can save enough of our climate to keep places like these looking pretty.

    x Envy
    Lost in Translation

    1. it really depends where you ski. There are cheaper areas in Lower Austria (which is still around 100€ for three days) but prices can go ski high - see: Zell am See - Kaprun. I am with you on this one, Seefeld had so much natural snow because it is higher but one mountain pass lower, it was more powedery :/


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