Spilling The Bookish Tea

Back in the day, I stumbled over a reader confession tag on Rum The Reader's Blog and because it looked very fun, I decided to try the same thing. The original tag comes from https://unputdownablebooks.blog/. So sit back, and enjoy ten frisky and probably not so frisky reader confessions by yours truly

1.) Have you ever damaged a book?

I am yet to drop a book into the sea or bathtub, and as far as I can recall I have not. Sure there are some bent spines, and wear from being transported in my bag but otherwise they've all survived mostly undamaged.

2.) Have you ever damaged a borrowed book?

Not as far as I am aware. I don't really get a chance to borrow a lot of books though. Maybe my book damage rate would go up if I did. However, I take even more care with borrowed books so I don't have to face the sheer embarrassment when I have to admit that I damaged one.

3.) How long does it take you to read a book?

Around a week.

4.) Book that you haven’t finished?

The first ever book I had not been able to finish was Shades of Grey by E.J. James: the writing is not that good and ironically I know fanfic better written. Furthermore, I felt the whole dynamic was creepy and as someone quite disinterested in sex, I just didn't see the point and there was not much to keep me going.

5.) Hyped or popular books you didn’t like?

There are probably a few but the one that comes to mind is "What If It's Us?" I only bought it because everyone said its so cute and uwu. Honestly, I just couldn't get behind the story at all. It felt so unnatural, awkward, and even a bit unhealthy for me ...

What If It's Us? by Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera

6.) Is there a book you wouldn’t tell anyone you were reading?

At this very moment, a bit ... I want to read "The Terror" by Dan Simmons because I really, REALLY enjoyed the TV-series and I am a sucker for source material reading. However, a while ago he got a bit of  cross-fire for some twattery on Twitter, so I am paranoid people are gonna think I somehow support his opinions - as opposite of "The Author Is Dead".

7.) How many books do you own?

I am not sure but probably around 150 or so. Then add a few digital copies as well. Print copies are lovingly sorted in my rainbow book shelf.

8.) Are you a fast or slow reader?

I think I tend to be a slower reader. I mostly read on the train and I don't stress books. After all, it is meant to be relaxing. Also I don't even manage 100 books a year so, yes, slow reader. It kind of depends on who you ask because I've been told 15 books a season is "loads" ...

9.) Do you like to buddy read?

Mixed. I'd prefer to do most of my reading alone but I am also part of the Book Club for Lazy, Slow and Stressed Readers - I am Stressed. There we read one book together over the span of three month it is quite fun to discuss it. However, I wouldn't want it to take the lion's share of my reading.

10.) If you were only allowed to own one book, what would it be and why?

Oh noooooo. I've been asked this question before and I still find it impossible to answer. Can I chose an eReader with access to the internet? Or is that not ... allowed?

I hope you enjoyed the little spillage of my bookish life. What would your answer be? 

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