100% Squee Worthy: "100 Days of Sunlight" by Abbie Emmons

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After a horrible car crash, Tessa is temporarily blind. Her vision is meant to return within three to five months. The last thing she could want during this period is to get out of the house. Instead she just wants to disappear ...

However, Weston has other ideas. He had heard that Tessa's grandparents are looking for a typist to help her get back into writing poetry. Despite Tessa's protests, Weston is intent to make her realise that her life is far from over by being blind. He wants to show her all the other beauties that there are in the world: smell, taste, hearing, and feeling. And that having a handicap is not the end of the world. After all, Weston knows a thing or two about this ...

100 Days of Sunlight by Abbie Emmons
"100 Days of Sunlight," is split into two point of views. These are Tessa and Weston, as well as taking us along with Weston's past and how he had lost his legs. This gives an additional insight into the person that Weston is nowadays and how he had shaped himself into this person, no matter how hard it had been.

The fact that this path is very harsh, is never over-looked. I really enjoyed reading about Weston's back-story because it explains a lot how he became this a person, and was not some very inspiring role model who had lost his legs. While it would have been easy to make Weston's back story gory, Emmons leaves the "grosser" details out and focuses more on the mental strength.

Furthermore, Weston's past story progresses alongside Tessa's current recovery. Despite, two different handicaps they are walking on the same path and you can see how they take on their obstacles.

The story of recovery and being able to define what "handicapped" means for you - instead of letting it define you - goes along smoothly with the love story that develops between Tessa and Weston.

The falling in love is a gradual and smooth process. There is not one sudden "oh shit, I am in love" moment like a switch has been flicked. Instead, they, and each on their own, come to the realization over time. Before this, there is behaviour that they know is a sign that they are in love with each other but don't want to admit it out loud yet.

Throughout the story, there are many cute moments between them. Simple moments, such as Tessa showing Weston her favourite movie (The Sound of Music) and him narrating everything that is happening on screen, like an excited little fan.

While it is a love story, I also dare to say that it is a story of two people getting attuned to each other in the process. Not just, being in love and everything magically falls into place. They have to talk and work together. At first, Weston helps Tessa, and later on, when he needs a helping hand, she is glad and able to give it to him. By the end of the story, they accept each other as they are - flaws, and beauty likewise.

Another great dynamic in "100 Days of Sunlight", is the friendship between Weston and Rudy. It does not contain one ounce of toxic masculinity. I feel that it has every layer that a friendship should have: it is soft and supportive while still remaining stupid and boy-ish. This multi-dimensional type of friendship is often over-looked in mainstream media, so I was very pleased to see it here.

Overall, the writing flows very well and you can easily follow Tessa's and Weston's thoughts. Emmons picked the right words to get feelings and thoughts across, this way, it was easy to empathize with them and get sucked into the story.

"100 Days of Sunlight" is a cute story of finding love when you least expect it, as well as showing that you are not your illness or handicap. Instead, you decide how to define yourself. The writing is easy, and it is provides the perfect read for a comfortable and slow day with a guaranty to make you squee.

100 Days of Sunlight by Abbie Emmons
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