Our Cat Adoption Story And Why #RememberMeThursday Is Important

written by Daytona

When people decide that they want to take in an animal, there are a few options to chose from: you can buy them privately, from a breeder, or go to the shelter. Funnily enough, I feel that people do the latter the least and I can't help but wonder why.

Almost a year ago, my sister and I found a new home after having spent months in a shelter. We are two black cats, who were born in April 2018. Nobody knows our exact birthday, so our flatmate decided to go with the 15th of April. At least we're not an April's Fool. We can't remember a lot about our early life but when they adopted us, we had already spent half of it in the shelter.

Why wouldn't people adopt us? Why did they look past us?

Looking back, La Sarthe and I don't really like people ... Every time someone from the shelter would come near us, we'd be gone. Furthermore, at the time they told the world that we were free for adoption, we weren't kittens anymore. While we were far from grown up, we were no longer kitty shaped despite being boney and tiny. The fact that we already knew how to poop in a box was overlooked.

Then there is the fact that La Sarthe and I are black. Pitch-black. Alright, now in my days I sport some white hairs and have a few bleach spots form the sun. Nevertheless, it is a fact that black cats get adopted less often, add that we weren't cute tiny any more and hate to be touched ... Things weren't looking good.

And yet, at the end of September when someone stuffed us into a transporter box, I couldn't help but peek out of the box on the drive elsewhere. A thud later, I was somewhere completely different ... and I would be damned if I got out while that human was there as well.

Things got into a comfortable rhythm like that for a long time. I know of people who say shy cats are tough and it takes them a week until a human gets to touch them. It took me a month until I was open to accept a pet from the human, even longer for La Sarthe. At the time, we settled for see a human, dash for the sofa. Then see a human, and watch what they'll do from a secure position. Until it became share a space with the human but no touching just yet.

Oddly enough, they didn't mind. Food continued to be there, the litter boxes were clean, plus there were enough toys. The flat is huge! Compared to the 1x1 box we lived in this was spacious as heck. Furthermore, the windows opened towards a backyard and open fields. The amounts of birds someone could spot!

As it turned out, the human is rather nice. They respect our limits, and while sometimes they are trying to be extra annoying by boping my paw, I get a chance to stare at them with haunted eyes while they're in the bathroom. La Sarthe is also enjoying a better life, she always loved to sit up high and now has the chance, furthermore, she is getting treatment for her epilepsy and hasn't had an incident in over three months!

It is just so comfortable to sleep next to the human at night and profit of their warmth. Alongside the fact that I get most of the bed anyway. La Sarthe joins us, snuggling into her favourite blanket, making our family complete.

All of that, just because one silly human decided to pick us up form a shelter. So the next time you consider getting a pet, please look a your local shelter. The animals are already there and while it may seem difficult, they want to find a new home and make new friends.

This is why we are passionate about Remember Me Thursday. It is a way to raise awareness that all orphan cats, dogs, and animals deserve a good home. It is important to remember them and even more so to give them a chance as well. Every animal's story and character is different, and in slowly becoming accustomed to each other a family and friendships are created. Furthermore, most animals in shelters are already potty-trained.

How You Can Get Involved

There are simple ways to get involved and raise awareness for tiny fluffs that haven't been as fortunate. This year, the event takes place on the 26th of September, so don't forget to:

Share Your Story Using #RememberMeThursday 

... on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter. Share a photo with your pet and tell the world their story. Even if your social media reach doesn't appear big, every little helps!

Enter The Contest To Win Funds and Food For Your Shelter

By sharing your photo, using the hashtag and tagging @hwac on Twitter or Instagram you enter the contest to win 1,000 lbs of pet food, up to 5,000$ and 100 Kong Toys for the shelter you nominate as well. You can also enter via the official website here:  https://remembermethursday.org/contest/

About The Author

Daytona is a European Shorthair who likes to sleep on the bed, and jump on the top of open windows. He also enjoyed body-warmth and a good scratch of his chin. He is the one with the name people tend to remember. Other nicknames are: Doofus, Smelly, and The Big One - even though he is not big; just bigger than The Little One.


  1. Such beautiful cats, so glad that you have found your forever home. I wouldn't be without my two rescue friends. One of which is all black too. Adopt don't shop.

    1. I love the catchphrase adopt don't shop ­čśŹ

  2. Your furbabies are GORGEOUS! We got one of ours from our local Cats Protection (yes, he's black too) and our other ginger hobo adopted us. I'd always go for rehoming a rescue cat over buying because they are usually the ones in most need. Loved reading about Daytona and La Sarthe, they are very lucky to have found you :) Lisa xx

    1. aww, thank you so much! And I know your black fur baby as well. I am always pro black cats and I am glad yours found a happy home as well ♥


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