Photos That Will Tempt You To Go On A Road Trip Right Now

As the snow slowly melts from the mountain roads, and the winter tyres get replaced by their summer spec, the urge to road trip start to rise. There is always a question of when and how and where. There are stunning images, and travel reports that make you want to pick up your car keys and head into the unknown.

I know the feelings too well. Thus, the last time I had been in a road trip vibe, I sat down and browsed a few photo sites and my own gallery to find the photos that simply get the temptation across the best.

As an aside: despite the fact that these photos come from pexels, I chose to pick the ones from photographers rather than pixabay - to get them a little bit of exposure. If you like the work, consider checking out their social media handles and links. The info is available underneath each photo.

It would not be a road trip, if it weren't for some Autobahn vibes and the oddly soothing sensation as you blast along with the music in your ears while you cover kilometers faster than anywhere else. The feeling has been perfectly captured in this time lapse photo:

Autobahn time lapse
Taken by lalesh aldarwish
Pexels | Instagram
A mountain road cannot go amiss when it comes to a road trip. Even though, this one looks a little bit daunting:

Taken by Riccardo Bresciani
However, scary mountain roads can be worth the view, as the Großglockner High Alpine Road shows: 

Taken by Yours Truely
More Großglockner photos
And there is nothing quite like driving on top of a mountain:

Taken by Jonathan Aman
Pexels | Instagram
Sometimes you meet a cute little car along the way:

Taken by Yuting Gao
Pexels | Instagram
And less cute cars, but who could say no to a stunning Audi R18's behind: 

Audi R18 rear
Taken by May Day
Pexels | Instagram
While driving at night might not be for everyone, the sunset always has a special feeling when you're on the road: 

Taken by Nout Gons
Pexels | Instagram | Website
And when the sun has gone down, you can rest peacefully knowing how far you made it:

Taken by Alex Montes
Pexels | Instagram
Always keep in mind that there is going to be an open road ahead of you, and all you need is a car:

Taken by Maizal Najmi
Pexels | Instagram

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