Watchalong: My Reactions When First Watching "The Atticus McLaren Mysteries: Murder at the Museum"

Back in the olden days of summer 2018, an enthusiastic author called Spring Horton sat down and decided that their novels should go cinematic. A good and very productive year later, the final product had become available for a streaming device of my choice.

Spring Horton is someone I dare to call a friend but not because we talk a lot, or have funny inside jokes, rather because we've known each other for so long and can butt into each others inbox without warning. We started in the same dust bowl (tumblr) and watched each other grow into where we are now: them - a book and screenplay author with money worth to their name; me - erm, a blogger who .... is still around. After such a long time always being around each other, you can't help but grow a bit fond. Thus, when the opening credits started to roll, I couldn't help but feel a little bit proud.

Without any further ado, these are the thought I experienced when I first watched "The Atticus McLaren Mysteries: Murder at the Museum". Don't worry, it is spoiler free!

"Is that REALLY comic sans?! 😳"

"Oh shit, I am so proud of Spring."

"maaaaaybe .... I should've re-read the book before watching. I know ... nutall of the plot anymore. 🙈"

"Atticus' awkward deliver of lines is on point. Love it."

Barnes: "Feel free to ring 101. That's the non-emergency number."
Me: "oooh burn, the sass."

"It's called fashion sweetie"

The Atticus McLaren Mysteries: Murder at the Museum
"I love the friendship that develops between Freddie and Atticus."

"Was ... he ... just ... run ... over?! 😱"

"Whaaaaaat ?! How can a retired and single cop afford to live in such a huge flat?! All the movie flats are so nice and roomy and cheap and ..."

"uuuh, a body 👀"


The Atticus McLaren Mysteries: Murder at the Museum
"A clear talk about autism and unashamedly stating that Atticus is autistic. So happy to see that this was not left out. Autistic power move."

"but is the murderer the one who tries to deflect all suspicion and pass it onto someone else or ..."
*X-Files theme plays in the distance*


"Again ... fashion sweetie."

The Atticus McLaren Mysteries: Murder at the Museum
That's it! Don't forget that you can also join in the ride and watch "The Atticus McLaren Mysteries" either on amazon - US only - or on vimeo - worldwide. A review of the episode, is going to be available in the following weeks!

Learn More About The Atticus McLaren Mysteries: 


  1. This was such an entertaining and fun post to read - I liked that you had your thoughts or comments throughout and a few of them definitely made me chuckle. It's always nice when you see a friends vision come to life, especially on screen, how amazing! Thanks for sharing

    1. That was amazing to see! And thank you, I am glad you thought it was entertaining :)

  2. Such a fun post! Love all your comments along the way! And what a fun experience too!

  3. This was such a great post to read! Genuinely made me giggle at some parts. x


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