The Road Tripper's Hotel in München? Reviewing The Landhotel Martinshof

One of the few things I always need to have an eye on when road tripping, is finding a hotel with parking. While that is not much of a challenge on a mountain or on camping sites, it becomes a bit of an issue when you road trip to a city.

While I was browsing various hotel sites to find one in Munich, I noticed that either the hotels in the city center didn't have parking or they would have a garage available in exchange of a small, but not explicitly mentioned, fee. This "small" fee can range from 3€ per day to rather massive 15€ per day, depending on hotel. Those offers were within budget at about 130€ for two nights but wouldn't even include breakfast ...

This is when I decided to branch out and stumbled upon the "Landhotel Martinshof" in the outer fringe of Munich: Riem. This had the side effect, that I wouldn't accidentally end up in city traffic.

The selling points for me: it was withing reach of a train station, parking was for free, and breakfast included. At what price? you may ask, thinking for 200€ for two nights. Instead I managed to grab a deal for just 106€ for both nights.

Landhotel Martinshof

Getting to the Landhotel ... 

... is easy no matter if you come by car or by train. 

If you come by car, you follow the Autobahn 94 until the exit "München - Riem".  Should you come from the East, turn right - but avoid the ramp which goes to the Messe, that's too right as I discovered. Coming from the city center, there are only two additional crossings and you need to take the right when you come off the Autobahn, and also another right at the next. Then you are on the same road as if you came from the East.

Afterwards quickly change to the left lane and turn left at the first crossing. There is a helpful sign which indicates "Riem." After the Aral petrol station turn left, and follow the road. It won't take long before you end up on an old cobbled road and see the hotel. Parking is available in front of the hotel but also if you turn left behind it.

Coming by train, you have either taken the S2 or S3 and left it at the station "Riem". Once there it is a maximum of 10 mintes walk. Simply walk straight ahead into the "Spielstraße" and take the second right. It goes onto a bigger road, where you turn left. Follow this one until the next intersection - to your right will be another petrol station, to your left a tattoo shop. Take the left and walk past the tattoo shop and pizza hut until you can use the pedestrian crossing. Then take the next right and continue until you see the hotel.

In The Landhotel Martinshof ... 

... I stayed in a "standard" room which comes at a price of 53€ per night.

Other options are "comfort" (73€)  and "country house" (83€). The latter is situated in the main house - where the restaurant area is and is bigger. Meanwhile "standard" and "comfort" are in a second house right behind the main.

In each version, you are gong to have towels, a hair-dryer, bottled-water, and free WiFi available. The WiFi is accessible by logging into with your room-number and your full name. However, it tends to log you out after a few hours. In which case the whole process starts again.

The standard room 

... has a reasonable size, and includes a double bed, a chair for sitting, reading and placing your travel bag on, a desk, and a flat screen television. There is also an open closet right next to the entrance.

 Landhotel Martinshof
 Landhotel Martinshof
Meanwhile, the bathroom is a tight fit. The width of the it, is the length of the shower. The room probably had 3m² as it is. I tried to take a reasonable photo of it but either I stood outside of the room - bad - or I was already leaning against the wall and still couldn't get a decent shot.

Almost every time I sat on the toilet, I lived in fear that if I'd get up too quickly, I would smack my head on the wall. Given the small smudge there, it seemed to have happened to some poor soul already.

The shower is quite big and feels modern. The sink, has enough space to place all your beauty products on it twice. It is little space well used, and aside from my bog fear, I really loved the bathroom. Furthermore, it is clean.

After a hard and long day of doing tourist-y stuff, there is nothing better than falling into the bed and watching a bit of television. Often hotels are limited to regional programs. The Martinshof, also has a selection of music channels, and international news channels such as BBC World. I even managed to stay on top of Formula E, as it also offers Eurosport.

Overall, I loved the vibe the room gave off and that makes the best of its space. I quickly felt comfortable and managed to sleep well.


Breakfast tends to be included in the price. The choice is enormous and delicious. There is a buffet with all the food options, which begins with muesli, bread and Semmeln and ends with almost every type of cheese, jam, ham and even hard boiled eggs and tomatoes with mozzarella. Butter, and fresh fruits were available as well.

For your first drink in the morning, you could take a glass of orange or multi-vitamin juice. The waiters are friendly, and you can order your morning coffee there. As well as taking one of the standard German ones, they can also bring you a can of coffee and you can add the milk by yourself with a little jug.

The atmosphere is casual and the room is filled with quiet clatter of cluttery and music from the radio.


The restaurant "San Martino" is situated in the Landhotel and takes care of your food needs from 6 PM until 11 PM. However, it is closed on Sundays, in August, at Christmas and Easter. As the name suggests, it is an Italien restaurant.

As far as costs go, it is affordable. I paid 11,50€ for pasta and a soft drink. The food was good and the staff friendly. At the same time, there is a bit of a problem, I wouldn't want to eat Italien for more than two days in a row.

Furthermore, lunch is not always included in the package. I was told that it wasn't in mine, and assumed that it would be handled in the same manner as in almost every hotel: that they price is added onto your rooms bill and you pay it when checking out. Wrong ... this lead to a slightly awkward moment in which I had to scamper back to my hotel room to get my purse.

So when you're stuffed enough with either pasta or embarrassment you can always get a meal around the area ...

The Area: Riem

Riem is on the outer fringe of München and as such has a mixed atmosphere: there are apartment complexes near the train station which makes it feel more outskirts like, but only 500 meters away where the hotel is, it almost feels like the country side. Even though, you are slapped between a railway and the Autobahn, the nights were quiet and you could here the church bell.

Riem München
There are two petrol stations on the main road, Sprit being 10 cents cheaper per gallon, a tattoo shop because why not, and a kebap shop right next to the more traditional small bistro. There is also a Biergarten.

The S-Bahn taking you into München and back to Riem is the S2, and it has a comfortable 20 minute interval. During working days the trains go until midnight, while on weekends it is until 2 AM. A one-way ticket costs 2,90€ (status April 2019)

I really enjoyed staying in Riem because it was quiet and comforting, while at the same time, you had a good connection to get into the city.

The Landhotel Martinshof fits right into it and personally finding it on expedia felt a bit like stumbling over a - as you'd say in German: Schnäppchen - bargain. I am very glad that it seems to have paid of and I really enjoyed my stay.


  • free WiFi, parking, and towels 
  • a quiet area 
  • a big and good breakfast included
  • television with many channels
  • a small bathroom 
  • dinner is not always included in the price 
  • dog friendly 
  • nice staff 


  1. Great review! And what a bonus that the TV had eurosport too! This seems like pretty decent value!


  2. That little hotel sounds fabulous! Tiny bathrooms always give me a funny feeling in a hotel, on the one hand I'd prefer the extra space in the living/sleeping area, but on the other hand there's the head banging fear!

    1. I am not among the tallest in the world, but the head banging fear had been real. ^^

  3. Great review, although on the smaller side, it sounds like you got great value. It all seems very reasonably priced and came with good facilities too x


    1. It did, and glad you liked the review :)

  4. I love the authentic vibe of Landhotel Martinshof. I could definitely see myself spending a few days here. I'll definitely consider it for my upcoming trip to Munich.

  5. THis little hotel looks need and cozy. I like this kind of places as they are not too crowded and it's easy to relax.

  6. Nice! Simple and warm hotel. It looks like a converted apartment or commercial building of some sort; if so, it would have an interesting history. The bedroom is quite tight, yeah. But it can be corrected by replacing those beds with smaller ones and taking out that bulky chair. Table could be replaced with a much smaller one as well.

    1. I thought the same that I had been converted. Especially the house at the back looks like it could have been flats as well!

      I admit that with two in such a room it might be a tight fit... But you can cope 😊

  7. Thank you for your open and honest review! Always helpful when making accommodation decisions to get an unbiased opinion!

    1. Glad you think so! Thanks for the comment :)

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. How were you able to get a great price of 106€ which is almost 50% off of the original price of the Landhotel Martinshof? Sounds like the hotel is in a great location; that makes all the different when vacationing. Thanks for your honest review and including other places you visited like the San Martino Italian restaurant was helpful.

    1. I got a deal through Expedia but I am afraid I did pay full price,... I "only" stayed in a standard room which is 53€ per night. Sorry for the confusion.

  10. Looks like this was a great little spot, and I appreciate your heartfelt and honest little review of this spot. I wouldn't mind popping by if I was in the region.


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