A Good Omens Nail Design For Non Supernatural Beings*

When it comes to creating nail designs based on either a helmet design, a theme, or a topic, you tend to pick the primary colours or design features that remind you the most of this. However, with Good Omens this provided to be a bit of a challenge:

For one, the book has changed and shifted so much in cover design that hardly any colours than the black and white inside the pages remained the same. The series suffers from a similar issue.

The second, is that despite being a book that plays with religion and symbols there are hardly any that you can copy onto a nail canvas. Sure, there is the snake and maybe a flaming sword for Crowely and Aziraphale respectively or the tokens of the four horsemen. In the end, I lack both talent and patience to copy those objects onto my nails.

Instead, I decided to stick to the colour-scheme of my copy from 2009: red on white. This seemed to be an apt way to go about it because white can be seen as heaven and the side of the angels, while the red signifies the other side. Because the whole point of "Good Omens" is that these two are not neatly separated from each other, I decided to do the same on my nails as well. I picked a gentle transition from white to red:

Good Omens Nail Design
On the left, I decided to have the red on top, while I did the opposite on the right hand. This created a funny effect of flames licking their way up. I quite liked it. To top the design off, I added a little bit of red glitter towards the end.

How To Create This Design - A Step By Step Guide: 

The good news is that this design is relatively simple to copy. What I used for this is:

  • Maybelline Base Coat 
  • Catrice - 21 Want To Be My Brightsmaid? 
  • Catrice - red (it's so old the label fell off) 
  • Trend it UP! - Bold Glitter 020 
  • Trend it UP! Top coat 
  • a sponge

various bottles of nail polish
Step One: After making sure your nails are clean and in your preferred shape, apply the base coat.

Step Two: Once it has dried start by applying the white until you have full coverage.
While it may be tempting to start with the colour that is closer to your nail fold, don't. The design dependent on which colour has the better coverage. My white simply won't cover any colour. So chose wisely.

Step Three: It is time to unpack the sponge! Apply the red nail varnish to your sponge and then gently tap the area on your nail where you want it to be red. Make sure that you begin where you want full coverage and then work your way towards the white. Thus, you automatically get a higher coverage at this end, and a nice transition towards the other. Repeat the process until you are happy.

As a side-note: use a red that does not have pink as a base colour but is just very red. If it has pink as one, your red is going to be pink ...

Step Four: To add a small high-light, I used Bold Glitter 020 by Trend it UP!. A small tap of the brush was enough to - on the left: to give the illusion of stars, and on the right: flakes from a fire. At least that's what it had been in my mind.

Step Five: Add a top coat to fix your design and keep it secure from any damage that might occur when you peel out of tight jeans.

Good Omens Nail Design
Good Omens Nail Design

What do you think about this design? Would you try it yourself? 

*aka us puny mortals who lack talent and patience

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  1. This is so creative! I'm still yet to watch or read Good Omens though! x


    1. Thank you! I told you, you should. Take the time :)

  2. These look amazing! I've been meaning to read the book or watch the show for so long, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. But apparently it's brilliant.

    1. It is brilliant. I have a review of each on the blog :)


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