Epic Romance Or A Cold Fish? Reviewing "Shut Up and Kiss Me" by Julie Cannon

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Faith literally runs into Lowe on the Escape - a beautiful and expensive cruise ship that heads to stunning places in the Pacific. While she falls in love almost at first sight, there are two mayor problem: Faith is part of the crew and not allowed to date any guests and residence, and Lowe Carter is the daughter of one of the richest families on board.

Despite the rules, Faith can't seem to escape Lowe's attention. At the same time Lowe has no intention of tuning her interests down ...

 "Shut Up and Kiss Me" by Julie Cannon
While this sounds like a great build up for romance and the lesbian version of the Cinderella, in which they defying all the laws and social standards for love before sailing into the sunset together ... "Shut Up and Kiss Me" has a hard time to make the romance work.

As the story goes on, I was able to see that their personalities would fit together and that they could make a great couple if it weren't for the rules and long distance. However, Cannon managed to convey little of this attitude between these characters.

Instead the attraction was mostly sexual. Only a few pages at the beginning are dedicated to any personal traits, afterwards it is all about looking at each other's chests, butts, and thighs. Yes, Lowe says that she want a bit more than a holiday romance, and Faith does not want to be a fling to each other. At the same time what we get shown, disapproves of it - their stream of consciousness does not venture past physical traits.

This would be fine, had the story progressed along the holiday romance trope. Instead it wanted to be a grand romance which I am saddened to admit just does not work out. I could barely feel any chemistry between Lowe and Faith. It was mostly hot and then cold, there was no sweet banter, or shared soft moments. Instead it was mostly confusion, thinking about unrequited love, and being horny on main

To make this more complicated "Shut Up and Kiss Me" is told via to first person perspectives. This is fine, if it's clear who is talking. However, Lowe and Faith have similar voices and it wasn't marked at the beginning who is talking. Thus, you were often left wondering if Lowe or Faith was talking.

Despite this, the story does have cute moments but those are mostly overshadowed by misunderstandings and a longer build up than needed. Furthermore, the writing style is easy to read and takes you along smoothly. But"Shut Up and Kiss Me" did not work out for me because I simply could not get into the story.

Shut Up and Kiss Me by Julie Cannon
Published2019 by Bold Strokes Books
Pages: 231
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