Peaceful Looking But With Sinister Streaks: Revealing The Cover of "Reasonable Doubt?" by Julie Haiselden

Julie Haiselden started her writing career with the thriller "Long Shadows" which has an astonished 4,6 star rating on Goodreads. Now Haiselden decided to spin another story:

Lizzie Lockwood returns to Blenthorne for some piece and quiet after an unpleasant hiatus. She wants to put her past behind her and fully concentrate on her new business and new relationships.

Easier said than done, when Helen Anderson stumbles into Lizzie's life. She is followed by an investigative journalist who wants to collect gossip in order to write an exposé. The title: "Reasonable Doubt?"

Through coincidence he uncovers a macabre event from years ago. This raises the question if he had found the answer to numerous unsolved murders. As the journalists focus shifts, Lizzie is less than happy. Her perfect bubble bursts and she wonders how well she knows the little community she lives in. Is Helen who she claims to be? And what if there are more dangers people? Which one in the neighbourhood is the child-killer?

This thrilling plot is accompanied by a thrilling cover:

Reasonable Doubt? by Julie Haiselden
The laptop displaying an open word document which contains all the evil of a sinister but peaceful looking town. Added to this, is the vintage shadow and dark dominant colours. This creates a vibe similar to old horror films.

I am also quite fond of how the title is displayed: strong and bold letters, which reminds me how the cover of "Make Me" by Lee Child is made up. The cover sums up the plot of the story and hints at darker parts. Definitely something I would pick up when I see it in a book store.

The book is going to be released on the 15th of April so don't forget to grab your copy!


In 2015, my debut novel, Long Shadows was published.  My second offering is a Victorian thriller, Evil Echoes and my third, a contemporary soon-to-be-published sequel to Long Shadows, although all three books stand alone.

In a past life, I used to tread the boards and shout the odd stage direction.  Currently, I work as a church verger and when I’m not writing, reviewing or blogging, I give talks to local groups and am a volunteer room guide for the National Trust.  I am blessed with a marvellous home life as a wife, mother and grandmother.

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  1. Thank you for sharing the cover reveal. So happy that you like the look of it.


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