Exploring The Colours Of The World With "G'day Sydney" by essence

There are many ways to explore the different shades the world has to offer: you can read a travel blog, read a book about the mishaps of moving to France, create a mood board, or do what essence did: they created eye-shadow palettes inspired by the colours of cities in the world.

As a result you can chose from

  • 01 G'day Sydney - inspired by beach vibes and contains nude and blue colours
  • 02 Salut Paris -  uses every shade of pink that you can dream of
  • 03 Hello New York - is inspired by modern city lights and thus contains mostly cold colours: blue, purple, and grey shades
  • 04 Olá Rio - nude, cheerful and expressive colours. Similar to Salut Paris but with more pizzazz

Each of those palettes comes at a cheap price of 6,95€ and includes nine colours.

I had been curious about "Hello New York" because the colour range is very beautiful and appealed to me quite a lot. Furthermore, I can handle those colours best when it comes to eye-make up. However, I already own a palette with similar colours by Maybelline - mentioned in my make-up routine post here - the same applies to "Salut Paris" even though the Blushed Nudes are not always as sparkly. Thus, I picked"G'Day Sydney" as my fighter:

G'day Sydney by essence
This one contains five nudes shades, starting with baby pink and ending at a dark shade of brown. The top shades are all matte.

Below is a row of four shimmering colours. These are a light blue with a touch of white, a red-toned brown, green-gold, and a rich darker blue which reminds me of ocean waves.

G'day Sydney by essence
With the whole colour range you can use classic designs but also try new bold ones - especially combining gold and blue. Or stay within your comfort zone and experiment with the nude tones.

Application is a mixed feeling. The first time you use any colour, you need to take off more than you need. Because of this there tends to be a little more of what I refer to as decay - when eyeshadow ends up below your eyes.

However, after using it for the first time, application is easy and decay is left to a minimum. I'd still suggest using your foundation after you applied eye make-up in order to cover up the additional colour. Furthermore, it is not low coverage, you need to add a little more for really intense looks and colours.

During a whole working day and using my normal primer by Catrice, no unfortunate lines started to appear on my lids. The lighter colours tend to fade after a few hours, while the shimmering colours stay in place. It can't quite survive heavy duty activities like sports or dancing in an overflowing club. Under normal usage it would take around 12 hours until the first funny lines start to appear.

Essence is one of the cheapest drug store brands and I don't expect much from them. However, "G'day Sydney" and its sisters have a great durability that comes at not even 7€ - which is 77 cents per colours.

Even when you buy all four of them you only have one Urban Decay palette in regards of the price. I think it is a fun and affordable way to explore a new colours and add a bit of extra to your collection.


  1. Awh I love this idea of colours for different cities around the world! That's really unique and SUCH a great price too!


    1. Yeeees! I am a fan too. Considering getting every palette now


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