#MotorsportNails: Combining Orange and Blue? Sounds Like McLaren

With the start of the 2019 F1 season, there had been a few changes: Daniel Ricciardo drives for Renault now, Charles Leclerc has entered a higher tier, Red Bull uses Honda engines - pretend to be shocked here - and McLaren has a new driver line-up.

However, what hasn't changed is the "new" design of the McLaren team. While the old signature silver and black with a dash of red had been replaced with orange and blue last season, this year McLaren added a few more details and made the transition between the colours not hard cut:

This inspired me to create two design. The first one is rather simple. It is for mere mortals and can be replicated with a bit of effort and a steady hand. The second needs a sacrifice and unicorn dust.

For both designs I used a top and base coat, tape, Maybelline 341 for orange and an old essence 31 for blue.

I must admit that I had some problems using this varnish from essence. I felt that it was never really dry and remained sticky. Thus it had a tendency to smudge ... not the most fun you can have with nail varnish.

The first design 

... is a different coloured take on French Nails. While they seem challenging when you look at it at first, with a bit of nail tape you can do it without much of a hassle.

Step 1: Be sure to have clean nails and use a base coat

Step 2: The orange is your base colour, so paint each nail orange.

Step 3: After it dried, use the nail tape so that the area where "the white bit" of your nail would be is not covered. Don't forget to keep the curvature of your nail in mind. It helps a lot of you gently crease the tape when you reach the centre of your nail.

Step 4: Paint the upper part of your nails blue.

Step 5: After it has dried, gently remove the tape. If a little damage has occurred you can carefully fix it now.

Step 6: When the whole design has dried don't forget to use a top coat to keep your design shimmery and fresh.

F1 McLaren nail design

The second design 

... is more complicated and can easily go wrong. If you manage to create a disaster instead of a design just remember that it is the McLaren way and move on.

For this design, my inspiration had been the transition with the triangle near the back. You are going to need the same colours as above and also some tape and scissors. On top of this  p a t i e n c e.

Step 1: Again clean your nails and apply a base coat.

Step 2: Since orange is the base colour paint all your nails orange.

Step 3: snip snip. Cut out tiny triangles from the nail tape and keep them somewhere secure - such as sticking them to your pinky

Step 4: Apply the triangles to achieve a similar design. I understand that this can be a big hassle. You are going to wonder if you have a death wish while doing this. I also used a stripe of nail tape to mark the "boarder" of the blue part.

F1 McLaren nail design
Step 5: Paint only the top part of your design blue.

Step 6: Remove the triangles after the varnish has dried. This sounds quite easy but it might be possible that you are going to use tweezers since these tapes are not so easily accessible.

Step 7: Since this is a sensitive design and using tweezers may cause a few scratches you can "buff it out" by using a small nail brush.

Step 8: Apply a top coat and gloat!

F1 McLaren nail design


  1. Oh my goodness, you truly are a dedicated Motorsports fan! Hats off for such original designs, which I would never have the patience for, haha. Good tip about the tape though, that wouldn't have occurred to me and I would have ended up with lots of smudges :) Lisa x

  2. This is so creative! I love this years McLaren and LOT more than last year. I'm a huge fan of Lando too! I assume you watched the race? I've been gutted all day for Charles, I really have and he took it so graciously. A world champion in the making and only on his second race for the team.


    1. The race was so heartbreaking, I was really hype for Charles but noooo ...

      I am happy that you like the design

  3. I love this whole concept. It really shows that you can get inspiration from anywhere and it's nice to see you combine your passions in such a creative way. I love the second design especially! x


    1. Aww, thank you! The second design is such hard work ...


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