My Born Pretty Winter Sale Haul

During the darkest days of the year, and when everything seems lost the stars shine the brightest and hope is restored to the world. This is what happened when I sat in front of my laptop, window shopping nail varnish online as Born Pretty told me that they had a sale at the moment. It would end in a few days so don't be shy.

"Technically ... I would save money by buying it now," I told myself and clicked my way through the various products, adding bottle after bottle to my electronic basket.

Born Pretty
In the end I acquired six new nail varnishes of three different types, two nail tools, and a beginner's set for nail stamping for just a bit over 50€. The first product that had caught my eye was ...

Chameleon 3D Cat Eye  - Magnetic Nail Art Varnish

The whole Cat Eye collection consists of six bottles - each coming at a price of 5,99$. Meaning that the whole set costs 35,95$. That did not feel every "hauly" to me, thus, I went with picking my three favourite colours which are:

  • Flower Road: consists of a pink stardust with flakes of the same colours
  • Wither at Midnight: a golden base with beautiful light blue flakes
  • Purple Meteor: a soft and bright blue base with pink flakes

Born Pretty - Chameleon 3D Cat Eye  - Magnetic Nail Art Varnish
In order to make any of those nail varnishes work you need two additional things: a black base and more importantly a magnetic stick (5,99$). With the stick you can shape and move the flakes to create a cat eye or galaxy effect on your small canvas. 

Born Pretty magnetic stick double ended
I managed to grab everything at a price of 17,96$ since each bottle had been reduced to 4,99$ and the magnetic stick was mercifully only 2,99$

Black Nail Polish + Matte Top Coat

Who hasn't dreamed about indulging their inner 13 year old emo and get all black nails. Nowadays it's even possible to get them in matte and create a different look.

Born Pretty Black Nail Polish + Matte Top Coat
Born Pretty offers this fun adventure for 7,99$, giving you the black nail varnish and the matte top coat in one go. Using it is relatively simple, as you put on a little black nothing and then apply the top coat. Through the art of magic - or chemistry - it makes the varnish matte black.

Chameleon Flakes Glittery Nails 31#

#31 results in a galaxy nail inspired design, with white flakes as stars. It creates a midnight blue shimmer which turns purple under the sun and in bright light: 

Born Pretty Chameleon Flakes Glittery Nails 31#
Born Pretty Chameleon Flakes Glittery Nails 31#
In order to make this nail varnish work perfectly, you are going to need a black base. Then add one layer of the Chameleon Flakes and viola, your nails are done. I got it for 5,99$, the standard rate is 6,99$.

Stamping Tool Set

As someone who envied the little figures dancing around on nails and lacks a steady hand, I finally decided to take the leap and get a stamping kit.

This is a perfect starting kit when you want to try stamping for the first time. It includes the basics: a stamper, and a card to "scratch." Then there is also one harder plate with which you can cover the pattern that you want in order to create a second pattern.

Where are you going to get your floral pattern from anyway? The tool set comes with four stamping plates: floral, fabric patterns, abstract, and mandala.

Born Pretty Stamping Tool Set
All of that for the price of 13,99$. How could I say no!?

Now sitting in piles of new nail varnish this leaves a few questions: 

Is there any varnish that you would love to hear more about and read a full review on? Which one? 
And which would you love to get for yourself? Let me know! 


  1. Ooh, these look gorgeous! I love unusual nail polish shades 😍

    Rhianna x

  2. Those nail colours are so dreamy, oh god!

    Jenny in Neverland

  3. They sound like such lovely shades! I was fascinated by that magnetic nail tool, I don't think I even knew they existed. Which is a bit dumb of me really because I don't know how else you'd get those amazing patterns...The packaging is really pretty too! x


    1. Trust me more than often I am in the same boat! "how do they do this? such a steady hand!" oh ... it's a magnetic stick! Mystery solved


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