Five Reasons Why You Have To Read "Imminent Dawn" by R.R. Campbell

§ I received an ARC of this book via NetGalley to review but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this novel. § 

Imminent Dawn by R.R. Campbell
One study to change the world: EMPATHY is a project meant to bring understanding and peace to the world. All you need is a small nano-chip in your brain and you can access your personal data and all the information available on the internet. However, the project is not yet finished and still undergoes tests.

Furthermore, the government takes keen interst in the technology and is not shy of using all means possible to get to it. This intent starts a complicated state of affairs that could ruin countless of lives ...

If that hasn't already tickled your interst, here are five reasons why you should be reading "Imminent Dawn" as soon as possible!

Written to Turn Pages

While "Imminent Dawn" is not the page turner because the plot gets faster and faster, it is well written and has a steady pace throughout all of the chapters. I settled down to read the book and managed to be hooked for hours without ever feeling that the plot stagnates or that there are boring bits.

The Time It Is Set In 

The future that "Imminent Dawn" paints is not yet your every day Star Trek where people float around in the universe and neither is it post-apocalypse. Instead, it plays in a grey-zone between these two options: the world has advanced enough to be able to start using nano-technology and much fancier tablets but is yet to find an alternative to driving.

In addition to this, the richness has been added by creating a different political environment with the NAU, the Federation, and god only knows what Europe is up to. Due to these factors, you can fully immerse yourself into the story.

A Soft And Strong Main Character Who Happens to Be Gay

Chandra is one of the main characters who's only motive in joining the EMPATHY project had been to save her wife. She is a gay character in a book that does not even remotely touch on the LGBT+ topic. In addition to this, Chandra's relationship with Kyra is a mayor plot point that drives the story. Throughout "Imminent Dawn" it is treated like a normal relationship, and no character ever raises any eyebrows. In fact, it is portrayed as one of the softest and most wholesome relationships I had been given.

Amazing Three-Dimensional Characters 

The story is told through more than four main characters, and each time you get an insight into what motivates and drives them. Wyatt, the "evil" character, does not come over as so bad once his motives are disclosed. Just as Chandra may seem a ruthless and heartless through the eyes of someone else but her motives are soft. Meanwhile, Meredith becomes the arch-enemy of Wyatt but later she only intends on saving her own life and in doing so has to tear him down.

This creates an interesting dynamic in the story, as each character's motivation is not inherently evil but as soon as they all collide, create chaos and disaster ...

The Plot Only Thickens 

At the beginning of "Imminent Dawn" you are not quite sure how all the characters connect and where the plot leads but very soon it becomes apparent, and as the story goes along the connection and tension only rises until the climax. Then after the disaster you are left with the broken pieces ...

Imminent Dawn by R.R. Campbell
Overall "Imminent Dawn" provides a thrilling read with great characters and a world you can slip into at any moment.

Imminent Dawnby R.R. Campbell
Published2019 by NineStar Press
Pages: 456
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  1. This sounds like such a well written book. I love that it kept you hooked for hours, the character is gay without that being a plot element and the plot thickens? Sounds like a great read. I'll have to look out for this one x


  2. Sounds like an great book. True that it is not often LGBT characters are the main protagonist. It is a good change. ALso, I do love a novel taking place in the future!

  3. Thanks for this review, it sounds well worth a read. I like thrillers that hook you in and keep you there as they increase the drama. The future setting sounds like a really original idea and I like that the protagonist is gay, this is becoming slightly more common recently but it's not yet as mainstream as it should be. Will keep an eye for this one!

    1. Thank you for the comment! And yes, I felt that the time is new to the SciFi world - usually it's often super advanced or near the end of the world. I really liked that change :)

  4. This book sounds so interesting!! So there’s a small chip in everyone’s brain and that means people can access all information on the internet and have all their personal data essentially all in one place - and basically the government wants this technology and fast!

    That’s great that there aren’t any stagnated sections in the book - sometimes I’ll be reading a book and there will be a bit of a halt on the main plot for a few pages!

    Books that alternate between different POV’s can either be done great or have me wondering what’s happening but this does sound like a great book!

    1. I really loved it! I hope you get to check it out :)

  5. I know this isn't your latest but the cover caught my attention and I had to check out this post. This definitely sounds like a great read - a book that I'm going to be keeping my eyes open for, definitely!

    1. please do! I already have my eyes set on the second part. fingers crossed


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