Five Things Every Road Tripper Has Done

Photo by Peter Fazekas from Pexels
"road trip -noun; a journey made by car" ... often includes high ways, Autobahnen, getting a little bit lost, listening to music too loudly and eating more snacks than you ate in the last month.

When it comes to road tripping there are a few unifying behaviours and things that every road tripper has fallen victim to at least once in their lifetime. Here are five:

Peed In A Bush 

There, I said it. Everyone has done this.

When you are at the beginning of your road tripping life you may think "I would never," but you are going to. It may be an inconspicuous B-road that goes for longer than expected. Or maybe the Autobahn with its service stations ended sooner and now there is only this tempting part of the woods left. It could be late during the night and no petrol station has an available toilet. It does not matter how or if, it is always going to be a question of when. It's not a modern tragedy, keep a packet of tissues with you and wash your hands with a bit of water from your water bottle.

Made Sure Your Car Is In The Majority of Photos

No matter how cool or uncool your car is in the great scheme of car things, it needs to be on the photos.

The reason is very simple: since this is a road trip and you spend a huge amount of time in the car, it becomes a part of the trip - you get to know it, you learn to trust it, and you become friends. Would you leave your friend out of the photos of the adventure you're having? 

Lost Valuable Food In The Gap 

Every road trip is accompanied with a snack stack - weither this is contains various nuts, gummy bears, or fries which only taste good during the first 15 minutes is up to you. What is not up to you, is that part of the nutrition that was meant to go to your mouth is going to get lost in The Gap.

the gap between the seat and centre console
You already know which one I am talking about: it's an infinite chasm and located between your seat and the centre console. Everything that goes in there is gone forever. Even if it weren't like that, you really do not want to recover and, even less so, eat what you found there.

Played Fuel Tank Bingo 

Fuel Tank Bingo is the ancient and well-trained art of arriving at the petrol station when your fuel warning light has come on 50 km ago. Then it is time to make a perfect landing when you drive up to the pump.

"But why, Susanne, don't you just fill up prior?" Eeh, various reasons: might not have guessed that the next petrol station is That Far Away, who could have known that driving 180kph is quite fuel consuming, "I thought it would work just right", and the classic of taking the next one which happens to be a long way ...

Drank Disgusting Petrol Station Coffee

And when you are already busy fueling your own car, it is also important to fuel the driver - often with coffee.

As we know, coffee comes in many forms: with milk and without sugar, without milk but with sugar, just the coffee, or adding whipped cream ... one of those forms is unbelievably disgusting coffee and I believe that only certain petrol stations can do so much wrong that this is the consequence.

However, you kinda yearn for the boost and it is coffee after all, so, despite the shudder running down your spine after each sip, you drink it until the cup is empty.

What are the things that you always do during a road trip? 


  1. Haha! This is a great post. I haven't ever been on a proper road trip but I've been on some seriously long journeys before. Loosing food and other important things down "the gap" is so annoying!


    1. Once I wistfully watched 2€ slide down the gap and I said to myself "oh don't you even dARE!" and fished it out again under some pain ... fiendish little gap

  2. Hahaha these are hilarious...and true. I must admit though, some gas station coffee is quite yummy!



    1. Thank you!!

      I agree there is petrol station coffee which is drinkable - the one near the Austro German border was good - but then there is some of which I still have nightmares šŸ¤•


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