Essence's Lash Princess: The Push-Up Bra For Your Lashes

While routine is a fine thing, from time to time helpful to break it a bit and dip the toes into something new. Which is why after a hearty recommendation from The Girlfriend, I ditched an old part of my make-up routine and decided to go for  a new mascara. My choice lay with an affordable 3,45€ mascara by essence: Lash princess.

Essence Lash Princess
My first impression was that the brush is really nice. It is long and can hold a fair amount of mascara - making application easy. After one stroke the effect was already enormous and the length and volume of my lashes had doubled. In addition to this the coverage and intensity of the black is satisfactory.

I often needed two strokes, in order to achieve the wanted result because the brush is straight and thus can't adjust to the curvature of the eye.

At the same time, I felt that through this some clumping tends to happen during application. This in turn is very annoying to remove from the lashes when going for another stroke would add a big layer of colour - or using your fingers would result in having the product on your fingers. So I was unable to use Lash Princess for subtle and gentle make-up looks.

Essence Lash Princess
Lash Princess lasts for a day. Despite not being advertised as water-proof it can survive a thorough sobbing as The Girlfriend wore it when she said goodbye to her friend and expected to look like a panda afterwards but, in the end, looked lovely as ever. For me personally, it lived through a fair amount of after work fitness work-out.

This robustness also shows when I tried to remove it with make-up remover. Often some remains on the lashes and a bit of rubbing or an additional shower would be needed.

In the end, it is a bit of a do or die mascara: either the look worked out perfectly or I had a bit of trouble with the application. Lash Princess by essence is an affordable mascara if you need a dramatic look or have light eye-lashes. It really boosts your lashes and brings out the best of them but it is also easy to over-do it.

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