Reviewing Born Pretty's Matte Black ... But Does It Do The Trick?

Born Pretty Matte Black
During my Born Pretty Haul - more of that here - I stumbled over a bottle of matte nail varnish and with my infinite fashion and trend knowledge I thought, "isn't that the thing everyone is excited about." While it might sound a bit boring regarding the design options, there is more available than meets the eye. On top of this, I had always been curious how exactly this works. Thus, it only took a few seconds and a set had found its way into my electronic basket.

I write "set" because as it turns out matte black comes in pairs. The set includes a black nail varnish, which I have dubbed the blackest of blacks, and what looks like a simple top coat but creates the matte effect.

Born Pretty Matte Black
Application is very simple. After using a base coat, you can simply start by applying the black colour. Then you wait until it has dried and apply the matte coat. It takes a few minutes until the effect becomes visible but through the power of magic chemistry, the shiny black base is going to turn matte. The whole process takes under five minutes. However, refrain from using another top coat, as these are usually shine and would undo the effect in a moment.

What I noticed during this process is that the nail varnish smells badly. Now, of course, I can hear a voice in the back of my mind scolding me "it is nail varnish of course it smells after varnish, do get some chills."

I am not talking about the normal varnish smell. II mean a smell similar to a crumpled towel - this comes mostly from the black varnish and the matte tends to remove it but it still clung to my nails for half the day.

Born Pretty Matte Black
Another question remains. Unless you are a 13 year old stuck in their emo phase, what are you going to do with matte black nails?

I had created a sweet little design by using the stamping tools on the ring finger and high-lightening it with pink flowers:

Born Pretty Matte Black Design
However, as soon as I tried to use any other tools such as a sponge or tape, it would ruin the matte varnish. The tape either pulled off some of the black or left parts behind - not very attractive. When I tried to use a sponge to apply I managed to smear the black everywhere but the nail - despite the fact that it had already set.

The fact that it is not very resistant to any outside influence is not surprising. After three days, my nails already looked beaten and worn and mayor junks had fallen away. This is a bit bothersome, considering that little scratches and cracks are twice as obvious on dark nail varnish. So the matte black set can only be used for one special night and create a memorable design for it. But not in the longer term.

The set comes at a price of 7,99$ and contains a bottle with 10 ml of black nail varnish, and 15 ml of matte.

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