Travel ABC: Covering The Unpopular Letters From V to Z

Each of us has a list of places, cities, and mountain passes that they want to visit one day. Usually, this is known as a "travel bucket list". The other day, I sat on the sofa, twiddling my thumbs and looking at mine when I started to wonder if I'd be able to fill the whole Latin alphabet with places that I'd like to visit.

This marks the last round of the Travel ABC and this time I need to cover the "unpopular" letters in the alphabet. How can any letter be unpopular?  Well, the section for Y in the Oxford dictionary does not even cover a whole page ... so how do you expect me to find a place that starts with this letter and is still a place that I might want to visit. No matter, I was not unfazed by the challenge and we start with .... 

Photo by Daria Shevtsova

V: Valencia

Spain is almost littered with beautiful cities that have architecture, culture, a rich history, and museums. Barcelona is one example of this, and Valencia is another.

My feelings towards Valencia are similar so to the ones I have for Paris. It is beautiful and one of the cities that I feel like one has to see at least once in their life. Furthermore, it's a great opportunity to use some of that Duolingo Spanish. I hope to get further than "soy un pinguino."

W: Wank

Just like F is on my list due to my inner 10 year old boy, Wank ended up there for the very same reason. There are two wanks and both are on the German/Austrian boarder on the German side, and both are mountains as well.

While I had known about F*cking before The Grand Tour had aired, Wank had come my way due to it. Furthermore, it is the start of the Petting-Kissing-Fucking combo and not even too far off  ...

X: Xàbia

Even though Xàbia is not too far away from Valencia, it could not be more different. Valencia is a big city filled with old churches and culture, meanwhile, Xàbia is your small picturesque town with  ancient windmills that have fallen into ruins and a beautiful beach to lounge on during summer.

I'd say that my road trip senses are tingling in Spanish.

Y: Ybbstal Alps

Ybbstal Alps
The Ybbstal Alps are the start of the alps in the East of Austria. Thery are still located at the very edge of Lower Austria. The highest mountain of this area is the Hochstadl with 1,919 meters. Furthermore, the Ötscher is also a part of it and probably the best known due to its ski tourism in winter and hiking and biking tourism in summer.

The Ötscher is a place where I have been to in winter and famously said that I should return. This is something I unsurprisingly forgot to do, thus, the Ybbstal Alps prove me with a good excuse to return and explore some more without wearing long underwear ...

Z: Zagreb

There are more places that start with Z than one might believe. My first thought that been "Zell am See" in Austria - it is a stunning skiing area, and in summer a beautiful lake to swim at. However, I had been there before at least thrice, thus, my thoughts drifted slightly further West and I ended up in Zürich. Then again Zürich is the city that holds the honoury title of being the only city I visited twice.

Similar to this going South so did my destination: Zagreb in Croatia.

Zagreb is Croatia's capital and largest city, it is known to every Austrian. Even though, I am hard pressed to find an Austrian who has ever gone there, they know the city nevertheless and when you ask "where can I go that's near and cheap?" Sooner or later "Zagreb?" is going to appear on the list of possibilities. "Oh, have you been there?" - "No." - "..."

It is an odd phenomenon. Nevertheless, Zagreb is a decent place for a city trip. It is littered with museums, pretty building and it has the Museum of Broken Relationships which is very high on my list of museums I'd like to visit right next to the Umbrella museum in Maine.

And this city concludes my Travel ABC. Where would you go if you had to cover the "unpopular letters"?

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  1. This is such a great series, I need to sit down and try to do this myself. Not going to lie, I'd never heard of W or X, but all of these places sound amazing. I'd love to visit Valencia x


    1. Thank you! I would love to hear about your places :)

  2. This is such a good idea! I don't know if I could do it. I'd have to do a lot of research. Your V is the only one I'd heard of prior to this!! Seems like my list needs to grow a lot!

    Kristen |

    1. Trust me, I spent some time sitting in front of the laptop and staring at lists with "Places that start with XY"

  3. I might have come to the list at the end of the alphabet, but this is a great way of choosing some new places to go. I've only heard of Valencia, but the pictures are stunning. I really hope you get the chance to visit some of them!

    1. I hope so as well. Thank you so much :)


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