Peruvian Colours On Your Nails With OPI's Perú Infinite Shine

OPI is the world leader in the professional nail varnish industry. Their goal is to provide high-quality products, their products aim to be super rich, long-lasting and chip-resistant at an affordable price for consumers. At the moment, it is available in over 100 countries, while Austria is not one of those, Switzerland is. Thus, when I had been in Zürich and stumbled over a nail varnish brand I had only heard whispers about I couldn't resist.

Alongside regular nail varnish bottels, OPI also offers various collections and one of those is the Perú collection. All in all, it consists of 12 limited edition shades which were inspired by the culture, places, and historical sights in Perú. I got the "Perú Infinte Shine 4PC Mini Pack" for 34 CHF.

This mini collection contains:

  • Infinite Shine ProStay Primer - a simple base coat to apply before 
  • Infinite Shine Shade #4 "Alpaca My Bags" - a turquoise that goes more towards the blue and reminds me of wool used for Peruvian wooly hats 
  • Infinite Shine Shade #12 "Yes My Condor Can-Do!" - a very intense and dark red nail varnish with a touch of purple
  • Infinite Shine ProStay Gloss - a top coat to protect your design which in combination with the top coat alleges to keep your design shiney and fresh for up to 11 days.

Application is very easy, as the bottles come with their own brush - which seems to be formed perfectly for my nails. At the beginning I had a little trouble to apply the shades evenly because I needed to take on more than expected. For a good coverage you need two layers - even OPI suggest using two. Especially because these bottles are smaller than the standard seize you automatically try to conserve it.

OPI suggest that you use the provided base and top coat as well. This way they promise a long-lasting nail design that lasts up to 11 days without mayor chips. This promise turned out to be true, to my own surprise. After 9 days, my nails looked the way they would after 4 or 5 days. Given the price of the collection this is a justified result.

Furthermore, the right hand is my dominant hand. It looked even less used on the left - however, on the day I wanted to take the photos I had cut my finger ...

My main concern is price: 34 CHF for four bottles of 3,75 ml is a lot of money, and singular bottles tend to cost at least 11$ - even though there is more varnish involved.

However, I am yet to meet a similar brand which manages to create a nail varnish that can last this long. Furthermore, usually you can get similar colours at different prices but it is the first time that I had seen such unique colours as it is provided by the Perú collection from OPI - especially the #4 Alpaca My Bags.


  1. They definitely are a lot of money but OPI are an amazing brand! I have a few of their polishes and although I only paint my toe nails (I pick my finger nails so much that they're unpaintable) I still can notice that the OPI polishes last longer and look nicer for longer!


    1. I must admit that I am convinced despite the cost. Especially because the colour last so much longer :)

  2. OPI is my favourite brand too, I think their quality and staying power is second to none. And the names of all their polishes always make me smile too! I hope your hand is better soon :)

    Lisa |

    1. Creative nail varnish names are one of my favourite little things!

  3. Omg those names XD
    For some reason I only ever hear people from Austria talk about this brand? I thought I knew my nail polishes but I'm seriously lacking in the OPI department.

    x Envy
    Lost in Translation

    1. I hadn't had one until a few months ago, so don't feel too bad :p

  4. "Alpaca My Bags" - I love it, such fun names! The colours are really pretty and it's great that the nail varnish lasts a long time. I've never heard of this brand so thank you for sharing! <3 xx

    Bexa |


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