#MotorsportNails: Exploring André Lotterer's Helmet Design

Everyone who is familiar with recent Le Mans history has heard of André Lotterer. Alongside teammates Marcel Fässler and Benoît Tréluyer, and engineer Leena Gade he has three Le Mans wins (2011, 2012, 2014) to his name. In addition, he won at least one championship in every series he took part in. The exception is Formula E but the last season had been his rookie year, as a result he became the most successful rookie in the season.

His birthday also happened to be last Monday, so is there a better time to explore what most drivers are identified with first: the helmet design.

Even though, the simple and minimalist design is memorable, it is hard to find single characteristics that define it. The black squares alone aren't going to cut it, neither would two horizontal stripes and the whole design does not fit on a single nail. It's also very hard to split it onto different nails.

After pondering on this issue for longer than I dare to admit, I decided that what stands out for me are the black stripes near the month. One on the left and one on the right, both are drawn slightly tilted towards the back.

In order to replicate this effect on your nails, you need simple weapons:

A white and a black bottle of nail varnish, top and base coat if you prefer, and tape. I used Manhattens' black, Catrice's 06 white, and for tape I had not used specialized nail tape but washi tape - which works just as well once everything is dried and is less aggressive than adhesive tape.

Manhattens' black and  Catrice's 06 white nail varnish
On a side note, I would not recommend using Catrice's white nail varnish as it nearly drove me insane. I needed almost four (!) layers before I had any coverage that wasn't see through. It took me almost 40 minutes to apply the white stuff alone. In fact I would suggest using anything but this white nail varnish.

Once you have all your gears you can set off:

Step 1: Apply the base coat to your clean nails

Step 2: After it has completely dried, apply the white nail varnish - and make sure that you have full coverage.

Step 3: Now comes the tricky bit for which you are going to need steady hands. Use the tape to indicate where you want the black lines to be.

I preferred the lower line to be thicker and the upper one to be thinner instead of equal thickness - as seen on the 2018 design.

Step 4: Now you can paint the taped area without worrying. After waiting until it has dried you can carefully pull off the tape.

Step 5: Then send a small prayer to the gods that it worked out. Now wait until the full design is dry and apply the top coat.

André Lotterer's Helmet Design as nail design
Don't forget to tell how this works out for you! If you have any wishes for future motorsport nail designs, don't be shy. 


  1. Now I know what my nails are going to look like (vaguely, I lack the talent) on December 15th. I love these subtle ways of supporting people and things you like. Very appreciated xx

    1. I believe in your talent and skill! And thank you very much ♥

  2. I'm well aware of André Lotterer and I really enjoyed watching this years Le Mans! This is such a fantastic idea and I'd love to see more helmet nail designs from you!


    1. Thank you! I am trying to think of other designs I wanna try. If you have any wishes, don't be shy :)

  3. These look so great! I really struggle to just paint my nails so I can't imagine I'd be very good at this kind of design haha!


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