A Road Trip Playlist For Everyone Who Isn't Born In The 60ies

Everyone who has undertaken a longer car journey - which can be refereed to as a "road trip" - knows that there are three essentials:
  • a snack stach 
  • a trusted navigator - this may be Google Maps but can be an object called TomTom as well
  • and last but hardly least: the music!
When you are blasting down the Autobahn, doing 160 kph - in Germany of course! -, or making your way along a winding mountain road, you need to have the right tunes blasting through your sound system. This gives everything just a bit more feeling, like a film with the right score.

credit: https://www.pexels.com/@fmaderebner
However, I noticed a huge problem with this type of niche need:

When I was sitting in front of my Amazon Music, I scrolled through the recommended page when a simple playlist began to seduce and tempt me: a road trip playlist. It was meant to give your car journey the perfect touch and atmosphere ... when you were born in the 60ies or 80ies ...

I am aware that road tripping is the less preferred method of travelling for my generation but, and call me mainstream, I am not fond of "old" music. I like pop, indie, dance, and alternative, not Selling England By The Pound or Supertramp. And if I have to listen to another road trip playlist that contains "Highway to Hell" for the lolz, things are not going to end well.

So while this type of road trip playlist works for some, it does not for others. Thus, I set out and dug through my actual road trip playlist which is over 7 hours long - frighteningly that's only 10% of my phone's music library - I decided that I should make a best and brightest selection for road trippers who weren't born in the 60ies and like modern music.

The result is a smooth playlist that is upbeat and at the same time does not over-load your brain:

Shotgun by George Ezra
Anywhere by Passenger

No Time Like Now by Illenium
Roll the Dice (Urban Contact Remix) by DAWA

You Were Right by RÜFÜS
Chase You Down (Original Edit) by RUNAGROUND

Tripping Off [feat. Lune] by Kungs [feat. Lune]
Runaway (U and I) by Galantis

Kids by The New Division
Sunset Lovers by Petit Biscuit 

Happy driving! 🤙


  1. Safe to say I've never seen a road trip playlist like this! I am actually a fan of older music so I don't mind the 'classic' playlists. But this would make a great change every now and again x


    1. Ha ha, thank you. A few classics in between are OK from time to time

  2. My family actually made a collab playlist on Spotify so we could all add songs for road trips! Means there's no arguing over who gets to pick the music haha! x



    1. That's actually a really good idea. Meanwhile, here it is a bit more simple, the one who drives choses the music. The rest shut their pie hole 😉😂


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