My Favourite Berlin Daytrip: The Pfaueninsel

One of my favourite things about living in Brandenburg is that, next to visiting hip Berlin as often as you like, you can also make charming day trips to plenty of interesting destinations, that are both naturally and culturally interesting. One of those destinations is the Pfaueninsel (= peacock island), located in southwest Berlin on the river Havel. My first trip there was almost two years ago, but I fell in love with it and can’t stop dreaming about it ever since. The Pfaueninsel is easy to explore by foot and you can admire its flora and fauna while learning about Prussian history.

Hunting hide
Different landscapes on the Pfaueninsel
The island contains different landscapes and offers varying paths through oak woods, over sunny meadows and along the riverbank. All through the island there are historical buildings and monuments to be discovered. They include the castle, the memorial temple for Queen Luise or the column fountain, which are all typical elements for the parks and gardens of 18th and 19th century Prussia. However, there are also historical farm buildings, like the Meierei (=dairy) to be found. They originate from the time the island was used as an ‘ornamental farm’, an aesthetically pleasing, yet profitable agricultural area.

Column Fountain

Memorial temple for Queen Luise

The Meierei

Front view of the Castle
As the name suggests there are, of course, peacocks to be found on this island, that run around freely. Only the young birds are kept in aviaries. Their ancestors have been there since the late 18th century, when King Frederick William II induced their settlement there. Other animals that can be found on the Pfaueninsel are different species of aquatic birds and, especially in summer, water buffalo and sheep.

Young peacocks in the aviaries and adult ones on top of them and walking around freely

Sheep taking a nap
Water buffalo in front of the Meierei
The Pfaueninsel is the perfect escape from everyday life, it offers romantic paths to wander aimlessly and watch animals or admire historical architecture. I already can’t wait for my next trip there and recommend it to everyone visiting Berlin or Brandenburg.


  1. I just went there! :) I wanted to see the castle before the renovations start in late August, but I spent much more time outdoors. The park is really lovely.
    I'm much more for visiting rural Brandenburg instead of Berlin, but on the Pfaueninsel I can agree with you wholeheartedly. (I just count it as a part of Potsdam ;).)

    1. Yes, the park is definitely the highlight of the Pfaueninsel!!
      Tbh, I had to Google it to check if it's Berlin or Brandenburg territory and was surprised to find out it counted as Berlin... :'D

  2. This place sounds and looks lovely... would truly be a dream to visit here and spend time wandering around.


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