#MotorsportNails: Rebellion Racing - The Zebra Gang 🦓

Rebellion is THE privateer team among the LMP1 class in WEC. And yes, if you like acronyms the series is just right for you. Rebellion is also on of the few teams that have a very distinctive design:  while the first draft seemed to go along Audi's clear cut style, they added red zebra stripes later on. This gave the car and team more character and earned them the nickname Zebra Gang.

I used Catrice 05 It's All About That Red, Essie's 88 Licorice, top coat and base coat, and very .... steady .... hands. If you have one, you can also use a thin nail brush.

Since I could not use a nail brush, I decided to go with very ... steady ... hands .... instead. Another alteration is that while Rebellion uses black as their base colour and adds the red above, I had to reverse the order. Otherwise the red would not cover the black ....

Step 1: Start by cleaning your nails and applying the base coat.
Step 2: Once dry, paint the whole nail with red varnish and wait until it's dry.
Step 3: Then use the black nail varnish and draw in such a way that the red colour remains as curvy lines. This is very the very .... steady .... hands come into play. Since black is the "real" base colour of the Rebellion, don't be afraid to use more of it You can get a bit creative with how you want the zebra stripes to be.
Step 4: Last but not least: apply the top coat and voilá:

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