Monochrome Impressions From The Austrian Grand Prix

The end of June marked the beginning of the F1 race weekend at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, Austria. Armed with a snack stach, liters of water and my Lumix I set out to enjoy the Austrian temple of speed and motorsports.

While professional photographers focus on the main event and the Formula 1 cars, I set out to capture the atmosphere of the Red Bull Ring during the weekend - in monochrome picture because that's what I had been experimenting with at the time.

Naturally we start with ...

 ... the iconic bull of the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg

 Walking along the Red Bull tribune with a view onto Remus (T3) 

You are able to oversee almost all of the track from the Red Bull tribune and with a sneak peak into the paddock of the support events - GP3, F2, and Porsche Supercup. 

Turn 7 turns into Turn 8

 A Porsche booty can't go amiss in the parking lot.

 More Porsche worship: Matthias Walkner (2018 Dakar winner) was a guest entry in the Porsche Supercup and drove a Porsche with a livery that is all too familiar for people who follow the WEC.

As an intermission, the Red Bull Driftbrothers burned some rubber. 

 Oh yes, F1 cars were on track as well. Here is Brendon Hartley eating up the miles.

Marshalls signalling the end of the F2 race. 

The Porsche of Roar Lindland is stuck in the gravel after an unfortunate spin ...  

 This year's legends parade offered a selection of touring cars.

The Flying Bulls offered a spectacular show right before the start of the F1 race. This formation is lead by the P-38 "Lightning" 

A message of love had been written in the sky by the Flying Bulls.

A sentiment that I could only mirror after I had left Spielberg on Sunday.


  1. I don't quite share your obvious enthusiasm for motorsport or even cars in general but I do like these sorts of days out and I certainly tend to photograph the general surroundings and try to capture the atmosphere of a place too. I think you've done a good job here and the use of black and white seems to add an extra component of time to the shots.

    1. Thank you very much, I did enjoy experimenting with monochrome. I feel like given the right occasion it does give photos a bit more character.

  2. I know literally nothing about racing but you can really tell how much you love it in this post! But I love the black and white photos. I think they're perfect for posts like this! x


    1. Thank you! I am happy that you liked it even as a not racing fan :)

  3. These photos are incredible! I love photos of the cars but I also love the ones of the atmosphere and everything else going on too. The Austrian GP has been my favourite race of the season so far, I’m a huge Max fan so you can imagine how delighted I was with his win! (also not a Lewis fan so you can imagine how delighted I was with THAT too)


    1. Thank you very much! Then I can imagine that this race was just perfect for you :D


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