Removing Nail Varnish Within Seconds? Testing Maybelline's Express Remover

It is well known that using glitter nail varnish is a long-term commitment because while it can be difficult at times most of the time the glitter doesn't want to get off, you're in a hurry and can't find cotton pads. The other times only half the layer comes off and for weird reason the glittery top coat didn't go with the rest of the varnish.

And while we were desperately trying to rub off nail varnish on the remaining two fingers already being five minutes late, some smart cookie in New York decided that they should solve this problem. Thus creating Maybelline's Express Remover.

Maybelline New York Express Remover
This small bottle promises to remove every type of nail varnish within a few seconds meaning that clean nails in mere minutes have never been this close before. This alleged miracle comes at the price of 8,95€ per bottle. A bottle contains 75 ml, is acetone free and you don't have to use cotton pads.

The usage is relatively simple: you open the bottle and inside you will find a sponge with a small hole in it. This sponge is drenched in the nail varnish remover. Next you simply put your finger inside the sponge. Then you turn and wiggle it a little bit and the moisture is going to take care of the varnish. Once you're satisfied, you pull your finger out and, in the best case scenario, all the nail varnish has been removed.

While I desperately tried to find a different comparison to explain how the usage feels like, I couldn't shake the feeling that it is like fingering a vagina but you won't have to warm it up prior. That aside,   the remover does not dry out your skin and doesn't burn should have any small wounds on your fingers.

The only question that remains is how good it is when it comes to removing nail varnish.

I decided that I should go easy at first and removed a normal and bright varnish by Rimmel. This presented no problem for the Express Remover. It cleanly took off the top coat, varnish, and base coat!

Taking off simple nail varnish is a basic requirement, thus I also decided to give it the hardest test there is: glitter on a black base. Once again, I had used a top and base coat as well.

Maybelline New York Express Remover
While other nail varnish remover tend to take off the black but the glitter is left behind, the Express Remover managed to take off the whole design after two dips. After the first one, a bit of glitter had remained but they were clean after the second try. This meant that the Express Remover managed to do this in under two minutes for which I usually need at least four cotton pads and a month.

Maybelline New York Express Remover Result
after the first dip
The only snag is, that I am not quite sure if the the price balances out the time saved when you use this product instead of the traditional bottle with cotton pads.

In the end, I am very pleased with Maybelline New York's Express Remover. It does exactly what it says on the tin: there are no odd smells, it works cleanly and fast.


  1. It's great that this works but it does sound a little expensive! It sounds convenient though, especially for stubborn polish. I don't wear glitter that often but I hate removing it!! x


    1. Yeah, I feel the same at the moment. It's a superb product but almost 9€ IS costy ... so we'll see in a few weeks if it's really worth that much. #WillReportBack

  2. These are life savers! Primark has similar ones❤️


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