Sicilian Memories

As the summer holidays are drawing closer, I’m wallowing in memories of my last trip to Sicily in March. While the weather in Germany didn’t feel like spring at all, the Mediterranean island offered warm temperatures and spring flowers. Those were the perfect conditions to explore the cultural and natural highlights of Sicily.

As my trip went around the north and east coast, I’ll take you on a visual journey through my personal highlights of these regions.


As the capital of Sicily Palermo has a lot to offer. Even in March the lively old town was full of tourists, who enjoyed the typical architecture and delicious Sicilian specialties in the street cafes. The places I enjoyed most in this impressive city were the Palermo cathedral and the park Giardino Garibaldi with its unique Moreton Bay figs.

Palermo Cathedral
Baroque Buildings at Quattro Canti Square
Moreton Bay fig in Giardino Garibaldi


The regional natural park Madonie is perfect to explore and enjoy Sicilian nature beside the coastlines. It offers charming mountain villages and enchanted woods, where cattle runs around freely. My personal highlights in the Madonie were the village Castelbuono with its amazing view from the castle and the typical Italian narrow streets. The cork oak woods I took a walk through might have been the set of horror movie, if it weren’t for the sunshine I enjoyed that day.

 View on the steeets of Castelbuono from the entrance to the castle

Views from the castle on Castelbuono and the Madonie
Corck oak wood


Probably the most famous Sicilian town is located on a mountain, so while you’re there you can enjoy breathtaking views over the island and the sea next to the amazing historical sites. While wandering through the historical center and the ancient theatre, I couldn‘t even chose a favourite place or view.

Taormina cathedral

Streets of old town Taormina
View from old town Taormina onto the sea and the rest of the town
View from the top rows of the ancient theatre Taormina


The impressive volcano and symbol of Sicily overlooks (almost) the entire island, so you can enjoy breathtaking views of lava fields, woods and the sea from the top of its craters. As it is 3323 meters high, there’s still snow on top of Etna in March and the temperatures are below 10°C. Of course, I was not prepared for this kind of weather on a hand-luggage-only-spring-holiday, so I only went to the crater Monte Silvestri Inferiore at about 2000 meters. Still the view over the island and onto the sea and the feeling of walking on lava rock are unique experiences I’ll never forget and definitely a highlight of Sicily.

View on Etna from the South-West
View on Monte Silvestri Superiore
View from Monte Silvestri Inferiore over the island


Syracuse offers a historical old town, as well as an archaeological site divided into a Greek and a Roman area. My absolute favourite place in the old town was the cathedral, with it’s impressive facade and the airy cathedral place surrounded by other beautiful buildings. In the Greek space of the historical site I enjoyed a walk through a citrus garden to some impressive caves, while the Roman area offered a look at an authentic amphitheatre.

Cathedral place with the cathedral on the right

The cathedral‘s gorgeous facade
Ear of Dionysius cave
Roman amphitheatre
I highly enjoyed my trip to Sicily. It was a great opportunity to explore the island and take a break from every day life and German weather. Sicily is the perfect Mediterranean destination for hiking through woods and on volcanoes, wandering through ancient ruins or just enjoying a beach holiday.


  1. I love the pictures and the feel of Sicily. This is definitely going in my list of places to visit. The combination of nature, history and architecture is just perfect for me.

    1. Thank you so much!! :) Sicily definitely belongs on every travel bucket list, I know I have it's south western regions still on mine! ;)

  2. I've always wanted to go to Sicily! It seems to have everything! And these photos are everything I expected it to be. It all looks so beautiful x


    1. Thank you so much!! :) You should definitely visit Sicily, it's even more beautiful in real live!! <3

  3. It looks so beautiful!! I may have to overcome my fear islands and see it for myself. (And eat. I would want to go for the art and architecture, but also for the food!)
    Sounds like a good place for a spring trip - not too overcrowded with tourists! Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you, I'm so glad you enjoyed it!! Sicilian food is super delicious, I'm still dreaming about cannoli and arancini I had there. ;) I hope you can overcome your fear and visit this beautiful place yourself. :)


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