9 Reasons Why You Should Read Metro 2033

After humanity had bombed itself into obviation only a few lucky ones managed to save their lives and escaped into the metro system. Once there, they set up a whole new civilization: each station becomes a small city.

While life is hard in the metro, it is made even worse by the appearance of the Dark Ones: horrible creatures who appear irregularly and try to wipe out what is left of humanity. Among this dystopia we get introduced to Artyom, a twenty year old man who lives in VDNKh. After a friend does not return from a mission, he has to keep his promise and deliver a message to Polis - a station miles away from his home.

This is the prompt to one of the most best books that I have read in the last few months. There are nine very simple reasons why you should read "Metro 2033" as well:

1. Great World Building

"Metro 2033" outshines most books with its ability to create one of the richest worlds out there. The dystopia could have been explained in one paragraph, and the metro stations are just kind of there. Instead Glukhovsky took the time and created a rich world under the ground.

Each stations has a background story, and even the political systems are different in each station. In fact, you are not only being given the information that this is so but a lot of history is presented to you as well.

In doing so, you are sucked into the plot of the story but also into its world and have an even better understanding of the metro system.

2. A man-made end of the world

In a lot of post-apocolypic books, the world as we know came to an end because of a natural catastrophy. Sometimes there is a hint that it might have been the fault of these pesky humans.

Going hand in hand with the depth of the world building, Metro 2033 explains that the human race has brought the end of the world upon itself: throughout a war and atom bombs. Which, sadly, even stands out as a sign in today's time.

The human race did not poison the environment, they just blew each other into bits. The story goes into further details, that Moskau was flattened first and as a result the submarines attacked various big cities all around the world.

3. No Romantic Subplot

One trap that many thrillers fall into is a forced or awkward romantic sub-plot. The only reason why any female character is in a book, is to give the male main character something pretty to ogle at.

"Metro 2033" steps away from this cliché, while there is a general lack of female characters, there is also no romantic subplot that gives you second-hand embarrassment. In fact, there is no romantic plot at all. This was quite refreshing because it would have felt out of place given the nature of the story.

4. and 5. Action-Packed And The Creep Factor

"Metro 2033" manages to not only create an in-depth world but a plot that can stand well on its own. While there are no grand fight scenes, the creep factor stands out. Especially when Artyom panics in the darkness, you start to feel it as well.

Trust me, you do not want to read this book at sundown when you're alone in the flat and suddenly hear a strange noise. There are moments where I cautiously looked to my bedroom door just to make sure that no Dark One was standing there. (there wasn't.)

6. Artyom is a likable main character

Artyom is not the type of main character that you'd expect in an action packed thriller. Usually, you'd have a butch and kick-arse main character who goes against all threats with a smile on his face.

While Artyom knows how to handle a gun - just like everyone else in the metro - he is a bit of a helpless dork at the beginning of the book. About three quarters in he just manages to survive either because of someone else's kindness or sheer dumb luck.

On top of this, Artyom is an honest man who does everything to keep his promise to Hunter. As the story progresses he grows up and learns to see beyond the boarder of his metro station and later the whole metro. He manages to be oddly ignorant about certain subjects and yet remains very clever where it matters.

7. The Metro Stations

Each station in the system is unique: some are abandoned, others have been overrun by the Dark Ones. Even the inhabitants vary, there are different cultures in each and every one of them, which makes sense since every station has become a city. Some stations are rich while the next is rather poor. As Artyom walks from one station to another, he learns about the differences and so does the reader.

8. The ending

Without giving the plot away, the ending is brilliant. It took a completely different direction that I thought it would go. There is a plot twist in the last few pages that just makes you go "hang on a moment" and seconds afterwards a quiet but emotional "fuck" will escape you.

9. The game based on "Metro 2033"

If you want more than "just" follow Artyom's story, then you can start being Artyom by playing the game with the same name.

It follows the story line of the book as close as it can get. Given that games are a different medium and they chose to market it as a shooter, there are going to be differences but if you want to give experience life in the metro yourself, there is no better option.

On the other hand, if you come from the game and wonder if the book is worth a read, the answer is very simple: yes!


  1. Yay for no romantic sub plot!!!

  2. Sounds like a great read!! Definitely going to try it out, after hearing it has no romantic subplot!����. Xoxo


    1. Would love to hear what you thought of it!


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