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Fulfilling My Life-Long Dream of Chrome Nails But Is "Catrice Lux Chrome" The Answer?

One of the best things about nail varnish is the way you can express things with it. Red nails for power and class. You could paint a design that supports your favourite sports team. Pick a colour that is most suitable for spring to express joy that the flowers are blooming again! Or the colour reminds you of a wheel rim ... which is what happened to me when I stumbled over "Lux Chrome Foil Effect Polish" by Catrice. 

The dream of a silver nail varnish has laid dormant in me ever since I built a small model of a Honda NSX - yes, I am aware but it was for a bet. This did not only include nearly gluing my fingers together and an existential crisis, it also meant that I had to spray little parts with chrome colour. Sooner than later some of this ended up on my fingers and nails. While this might be varnish too, it is far too aggressive for the skin let alone for nails. However, can "Lux Chrome" fulfill my long-lasting dream of chrome nails?

The Lux Chrome comes as two parts: one is the "Foil Effect Polish," and you are meant to use it together with the "2 in 1 Base and Top Coat" so that the full potential of the chrome effect comes through.

Usage is really easy. In case you are uncertain how to use these two varnishes together, Catrice offers a quick instruction on the back of the bottle. After making sure that your nails are - mostly - clean, you start by applying the "Base and Top Coat." Since you have to use the coat twice as much as the foil effect polish, the bottle carries 2 ml more - 10ml versus 8ml. It takes less than a minute to dry and then the fun begins with the "Foil Effect Polish."

Application turned out to be a bit of a double-edge sword. The varnish has a good coverage and only one layer is needed.

Often it was a do or die scenario: from time to time a small blob of varnish would come out of the bottle. Normally, this would not be a problem as you'd just smooth it out. When you try to do this with Lux Chrome you often end up taking half of the already applied varnish with you again. The blob would remain all the same.

Corrections are a bit of a bother with "Lux Chrome". The only way to remove any kinks, or scratches that appear over the time - as they do with all nail varnishes - is by painting a whole new layer.

However, more often than not the application works out well, and the chrome effect comes through. While only one layer is needed to fully cover the nail, I discovered that the effect looks much nicer if you use a second layer as well. When it comes to applying the second layer, you need to wait until the first is fully dry. This takes a bit longer than with the Base/Top Coat.

Afterwards, you already have a presentable design. If you want the full shimmer to come through, you simply add the provided "2 in 1 Base and Top Coat" and voilà:

The final product is one worthy of your nails. It has a shimmer, and gives a good chrome effect that does indeed remind me of a wheel rim. In addition, Lux Chrome could be the basis of a few design ideas - such as adding a light blue, or red stripe, or adding nail powder.

In my local Bipa the Foil Effect Polish costs 3,99€, while the Base/Top Coat was priced at 2,99€. Even though I think - and whisper it here - that you could probably get the same effect and design with your regular base and top coat if you have one. As with all of their nail varnish, Catrice offers a vegan product.

The varnish lasted almost 10 days, and even then it already took more than four/five days until the first cracks started to show. This turned out of the one of the longest lasting and most resistible nail varnishes I have.

In the end my dream of a chrome nails seems to be satisfied after patiently waiting for a year.


  1. I have never tried silver nail paint but this looks great on you

  2. This looks so good on you! Amazing that it lasted so long too. My nails usually chip really quickly. I love that it's actually a foil effect too not really shimmery or glittery. I'd love a gold/ copper foiled effect version x


    1. I saw a gold foil effect varnish from a different brand in the shops. Maybe I should give it a go as well ;)

  3. Your reference to a wheel rim had me chuckling all the way through this review! The polish looks lovely on you but I don't think I would have the patience to get such a perfect application. And 30 minutes in the garden would wreck it anyway 😩 but thank you for sharing such a great review!

    Lisa |

    1. Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed my wheel rim references! I also don't go easy on my hands so when I say something lasts .... it usually does in the real world.

  4. Oh wow! I’d never seen chrome nail varnish before! It bet it would look nice with some glitter too!xx

    1. I've seen others use this varnish with glitter and it does!

  5. I’ve never heard of Chrome nails add I absolutely love it! It looks so shiny!



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