Definitely Dreaming: Project 52

While February had been marked by a spontaneous streak of photos, in March I tried to get a theme going. What I wanted to focus on was architecture and the city life.Thus I went out, my ... er ... Panasonic and snapped away! 

The first three picture are taken in Vienna on or near my route to work. I like "Looking Up" because it shows every type of building in one image - old, new, rebuild and dirty. While I expected to take another perspective for "Everyday Life" I was amazed by the composition of the image thus I picked it instead. "Dark" was a leap of faith as it had forced me to awkwardly hang out of a window and stretch out my arm while hoping for the best. In the end the result was worth it.

Meanwhile, "Favourite Thing" is an old image which I took from my trip to Frankfurt am Main years back. When I decided to go with a city life/architecture theme I knew that it had to be the mixture of old and new in a city. Vienna does not have this contrast as much as Frankfurt so I had to go with an old one.

Week 9: Looking Up

 Week 10: Everyday Life

 Week 11: Dark

 Week 12: Favourite Thing

As always you can follow the challenge live on my Twitter (@floralcars1) - I post the weekly prompts on Sunday around 2 PM (GMT +1)

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