A Touch Of Sparkle: trend IT UP Prisma Tip

Trend IT UP is a brand I had not tried before up until a fateful day when I stopped walking through the aisle and saw the "Prisma tip" collection.  It consists of no less than five colours:

  • 010 - black
  • 020 - pink
  • 030 - bilious green
  • 040 - purple 
  • 050 - cyan 

With only 2,25€ per bottle, it seemed affordable and I allowed myself to get two bottle for testing, and checking if this brand would continue to be used by me. I picked black, and my favourite colour: purple.

The varnish comes in the rectangular bottle that is typical for trend IT UP, and contains 11 ml. Personally, I am a bit fond of the design because it is simple, and it works perfectly when sorting my "nail varnish closet."

Enough of the bottle shape, trend IT UP also provides a brush, applying the varnish with it works very well as it covers a suitable area. Furthermore, this is a vegan product.

I picked the No. 010 because it reminded me of galaxy style. A style I adore but cannot reproduce even if my life would depend on it! The 010 is a simple black with silver flakes as glitter it in. The flakes are spread in a regular and pleasing pattern - there are no unwanted blobs of silver.

However, when applying I found that the coverage was next to none. While the flakes do their job well, the black is almost see through in the first layer. Thus I needed five (!) layers until I had full coverage. This did not feel particularly nice when running my fingers over the surface. The rough texture would remain the same when adding a top coat.

On top of this, you need to wait for the first layer to fully dry - which takes a few minutes - before you are able to apply another. Otherwise, you could end up removing most of the rest.

In the end, I restored to using a clear black varnish (Essie licorice) underneath, and then adding the 010 by trend IT UP. Using this method I needed two layers for the same effect and coverage and ended up with a sparkly and star effect on my nails:

taken in direct sunlight
The purple 040 does not suffer from the same coverage problem as the black varnish. I need no more than two layers, and on smaller fingers - such as my pinkie and ring finger I only needed one layer. The nails felt smooth when I ran my fingers over the surface.

You still need to wait until the first layer has completely dried before applying another. However, since only two are needed, this is less of a paint in the a--- ...

040 provides a nice base coat with flakes in them, and depending from which side the light hits your nails, they can change from white to a sparkly blue. I even found shimmer of yellow and orange in there.

taken in natural light 
In the end both colours lasted up to five days - using both a base and a top coat. Surprisingly, they did not develop cracks while wearing. Instead on the fifth day a bigger chuck just decided to fall off. This may be down to the amount of layers I was wearing at the time. However, the purple variation acted similarly when it "expired."

Especially because the 010 black does not have a great coverage, I suggest using it for a design, that highlights only one finger and then filters out towards the neighbouring nails:

This way, you get a nice galaxy effect that is not too blatant, and it leaves your sanity in tact.

Alternatively, I already mentioned that you can use a simple black nail varnish as your base and start from there. In the end, the amount of flakes remains the same no matter which method you use.

The purple varnish 040 can be used in a similar fashion - if you have a mousse varnish that goes along with the colour. Otherwise, it works really well on all five fingers, while remaining subtle with a touch of sparkle.


  1. I am currently in love with nail paints with flakes on them. They are so back on trend.

    1. Then don't be shy to give them a try :)

  2. Ooh I like the number 10! But the lilac one looks also good! x

  3. I love the black one! It looks so lovely and polished but still making a statement with the glittery bits! x


  4. I love the black one! I bite my nails so I don’t paint them often, but I’m a sucker for a glitter nail when I do.. 😍

    Andi | www.andthenzen.co.uk ✨


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