Endurance Testing Gel Fantasy By Kiss

I tend to be very cautious of fake nails. For one, I use my hands quiet a lot - and I assume most people do. Add to this that I am never very gentle with them either - I almost always got little cuts somewhere, and one nail broke recently off as a fashion statement. I want to them to be fancy and pretty but it doesn't seem to go hands in hands with my lifestyle - mind the pun.

However, one day I saw these pretty nails on someone else and I knew that I had to give it a try. After a little bit of cross examination, I was on my way to an Austrian drugstore to get the fake nails for myself. The product is "Gel Fantasy Ready-To-Wear Gel" by the American brand Kiss - website can be found here - and cost 10,99€.

The package is filled with everything that you are going to need: little gel pads to place on your nails to protect them, the glue itself, and a nail file especially made for fake nails. There are 24 individual nails, so almost every size is available.

This sounded very promising and I enjoyed that everything I need was going to be easily available.

Furthermore, I am a fan of the design; it has something cheery about it, and almost princess like. They are cute while still being subtle. It is a basic style with a playful highlight.

Now the question is: are they going to survive my endurance test? 

Most of you will know what an endurance test is: you set a time frame and the poor object has to continue functioning as the clock ticks. Since this was me we are talking about this is not going to be a gentle endurance test. This is the Le Mans type -  where the cars are used for at the peak of their performance for 24 hours. If the Gel Fantasy are going to survive 7 days on my wee fingers, then I would give them my seal of approval. Since I think, that one week is the minimum fake nails should endure to be worth their money.

The endurance testing began on a Friday! I hastened to get them on, and it took me about 30 minutes. I must admit that I did not take the advice and avoided contact with water for two hours afterwards because I was a bit desperate for a wee ...

This was the first challenge: fake nails to peel my body out of skinny jeans. The first day I was very, very careful: I was on my way to a work related dinner, and appearing with 9 nails would seem a bit unprofessional. Thus every tube button was pressed with my knuckle, the knobs in the car were turned with my kuckles and don't get me started on fishing out cash out of the purse. The nails lived through the day and I got a couple of compliments as well. Perfect, confidence was built!

The weekend went rather well, I stopped treating my fingers gently. Instead, I noticed that they seemed to stick well. They lived through intense skipping of a rope. lots of typing on the phone and laptop, reading a book, playing XBox and I discovered that my cat adores them. After all they make for better scratching while petting!

On Monday I noticed that on the left middle-finger a minor dent had appeared. This happened when I had to pry open a shampoo bottle. Even though, I could feel the dent when running my finger over the edge, it was not visible and did not seem to irritate my handling - such as hairs getting stuck or similar. I left it the way it was.

Drama began to develop on Tuesday. My right thumb is the finger that I use the most. Hence, I was not really surprised when I noticed that a small kink had developed. By midday this kink had turned into a small crack. Again, because it couldn't be seen from the outside, I paid very little attention to it.

At least until I wanted to turn in. By nightfall the small crack had developed into a real bother. Every time I would run my hand through my hair some piece would get stuck and the crack would get bigger. Eventually, I decided that I would cut part of the thumb nail off. This can be done with a normal nail scissors and then adjust the edges with the file Kiss provided.

This solution worked! I was on my merry way ... at least until Wednesday. The nail simply gave up on life and fell off while I was at work. To my own dismay, I can't remember what I had been doing, but when I looked down it was simply resting on my desk saying "I can't be bothered, mate."

In all honesty, I felt the same. I couldn't be either, thus I threw Right Thumb away and painted a similar pattern onto my nails. Overall, I was still impressed. We were halfway there and so far I only had one retirement. Otherwise, the nails did not provide a problem. Sometimes there were smaller dents, or even kinks - my right middle finger was prone to those - but either I filled them away quickly or they did not become worse.

Thus, it pained me very much that another retirement had occurred on Thursday ... This event can only be described as collision damage. I was carrying heavy packages of paper from the storage to the printer and I managed to hook in my right pinkie quite badly, and before I knew it ... the nail had gone off. I decided that I would improvise until I would go home, and glue the wee bugger back to see how long it was going to last without an accident:

I am afraid that on Friday, a similar but less dramatic accident occurred to me left pointer, while I tried to fix the damage, I had run out of glue ... This nail had to retire out of the endurance testing.

However, it was Friday by then and so far the casualties were one right thumb that really played up, a few rough edges on the longer fingers, an invisible dent on the left-middle finger, and a kink that I could file away. The two already mentioned accident that I wouldn't have thought they'd live through. The rest were fine and had survived, and they were still looking good as well!

How long did the rest last? 

The longest lasted 9 days. On day 8 I managed to loose the left thumb by nervously chewing on the finger while watching one hell of a cliffhanger! I lost another by the most mundane task of pulling the covers of me. It seemed that the glue stopped working.

The right hand went first, and once I had only one fake nail on it, I decided to loosen the other and had managed with easy, this was near impossible a week prior.

In the end, I must admit that I am impressed by the durability of Kiss' Gel Fantasy. They offer a product for 10€. This means it is worth 1€ per day, which in context is hardly any money at all. Even if a little bit of maintenance is required, the quality is satisfying. Furthermore, you do not need to be an expert to use them.


  1. I can totally relate to your nail situations. I love growing them out but have more failures than success stories.

    1. It seems to work better now that I found my ideal length ... but sometimes it can't be helped and one chips or breaks off :(

  2. Nine days is incredible! Such a pretty design too! 💕


  3. This was really interesting to read! I don’t use fake nails often but this has really made me want to try some out!

  4. Love the design on them - they are so pretty! They seemed to do quite well to last that long. Love what you used to improvise until you got home to glue the nail back on, haha - brilliant!


    1. haha, thank you! And yes, they lasted really long for fake nails :)


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