Definitely Dreaming: Project 52

There are two confessions that I have to make this month.

Firstly, in January I stated that part of the reason why I take on this challenge was because finally I had a real camera. However, this month half of the photos had been taken with my phone. It might be a bit out-dated after two years, the quality is not bad. During week 7 (prompt: a happy place) I was on holiday, stuck on an alp with only a vague hint of internet. Thus, I could not move the image from my SD-card to my phone, or any computre. This makes the result even more impressive.

Secondly, I struggled through almost all of these prompts. I didn't know what to do for "Something Red" at first. I had an idea for Black and White and it later turned out that the needle is indeed red, so one could argue that it would be better suited for Something Red. I was really, really struggling with Light/Shadow because the whole week had been gloomy. It was only three hours before I had uploaded the shot that inspiration had struck ...

I enjoyed the later prompts more than the ones at the beginning. I am happiest with the photo from Week 8 because it needed no editing - besides cropping it into 16:9 - and it turned out pretty good. If I dare say so myself. Furthermore, A Happy Place does indeed show a happy place and looks stunning as well. I hope you agree:

Week 5 - Something Red

Week 6 - Light/Shadow


Week 7 - A Happy Place

Week 8 - Black and White

... with a speck of red 

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