Uploading Images To Instagram With Your PC

Instagram is used by many bloggers as a platform to promote their content, share a few lovely snaps, and gain a following. And yet, it is also one of the few social media platforms that is designed for mobile use only!

This leads to the nit-pick that you can't directly upload photos from your laptop onto the platform. This makes using it a bit painful since a lot of bloggers and photographers edit their photos on a computer. Either you result to sending each image to yourself and later uploading it with your phone, using a cloud storage just for Instagram, or using a third party client/app - which has been rumoured to hurting your profile more than it helps since you might be flagged as spam and could be violating the Terms and Conditions.

Luckily, there is another way to upload images directly from your PC onto Instagram. It does not include a cloud storage or having to use a third party app:

Step 1: Open Chrome

I am afraid that this  solution only works in Chrome. However, it is the most commonly used browser at the moment, and easy to download for every operating system.

Step 2: Log Into Instagram

Step 3: Right Click

In the menu that pops up find the "inspect" button. This is going to open a widget on the side full of HMTL jumble:

Step 4: Show As Tablet

Luckily, you won't have to edit the HMTL. Instead you find the small button on the top left of the widget which is going to show you a mobile version of the homepage you are currently on.

Once this is done Instagram kicks into a responsive version.

Step 5: Refresh

Often the nav-bar on the bottom won't show up and you need to refresh the page. Then you'll see a familar nav-bar.

Step 6: Upload And Share

Now you are free to upload your images. Just click on the little + icon in the middle. Then you can browse through your whole laptop and find the image you want!

Keep in mind that the responsive version does not offer the editing software that the app has. It just enables you to crop images!

Then enter a caption, tags - you can also include a place - and hit share!

Happy instagramming!


  1. This is great Dani. While I'm usually happy to post on Instagram on my phone, there are times I wish I could just do it on my laptop

    1. I am happy you found it helpful! ­čśś

  2. It is a nuisance isn’t! Thanks for the idea though. What I’ve recently started doing is after I upload on my blog, I go on to the post and Just save the image from there, then upload. x

    1. This is what I used to do for a really long time!

  3. I didn't know this was possible! This is great advice. I recently started using a micro SD card with an adapter in my camera so I can easily get the images on my phone x


  4. ooh this is so helpful! Thank you for posting this!!

    Jessica // www.jessistrying.co.uk


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