Staying Fit Without A Gym Membership In Winter

I am sure that many of you made new year's resolutions, and that at least half are along the lines of "do sports regularly" or "loose a bit of weight" "become fitter." Weither your motivation is to lose the cookies that you shamelessly ate or to be able to lift the package of paper with more ease does not matter. In winter staying fit can be a bit tricky. It is always cold, and you have a snotty nose as well.

Another problem is that not everyone is able to afford a gym membership. I, for example, don't think it's worth the money, for one I would not use the gym outside of winter, and most of them contract you for a whole year. On top of this, the nearest gym is quite a distance away. For most it is the most awkward experience in life anyway ...

Luckily, there are ways to keep fit without a gym membership in winter!

Jogging In Winter

Despite popular belief, it is possible to go jogging in winter. However, it is advisable to lower the intensity of the training, and leave some margin when it comes to duration. Instead of saying "yes, every Tuesday I am going to jog for 50 minutes" consider setting the bar to 30 - 40 minutes and alternate depending on the weather.

As the age old saying goes "there is never the wrong type of weather, only the wrong choice of clothes" when it comes to jogging. The right clothes are especially important in winter. As a rule of thumb:

0-5°C: long running tights, a short and a running jacket. A hat, maybe gloves - depends on the person.
under 0°C: long running tights, a top with a long-sleeved top and a running jacket. Add a scarf or another type of neckwarmer, and gloves with a hat.
under -5°: long winter tights, a top, a long-sleeved shirt and a running jacket with a aeroloft vest. Again, a neckwarmer, gloves and a hat.

Even with the right clothing jogging in winter can be quiet harsh. If you are looking for smaller tips to help you when jogging and a little bit of motivation, you can find a few here.

If jogging doesn't tickle your fancy, there is cardio exercise that can be done in winter. It remains between your four walls and is still pretty intense:

Skipping A Rope

"That's the stuff children do in Kindergarten," I hear you complain. In all fairness, I thought the same until I tried it and after the third set I was sweating and swearing like a pig. Skipping a rope is very intense cardio exercise, and ten minutes are as efficient as 30 minutes of jogging.

Furthermore, you only need minimum space. If you can find about 3 free meters in your home then you're ready to go. It is the perfect exercise for staying fit in winter when you do not want to leave your house!

Before taking on the exercise remember to warm up properly:

1 minute of Jumping-Jacks, followed by circulating your head in the figure of an 8 four times. Rotating the arms, and hips. Then stand in a walking stance and move the knee back and forth four times.

For beginners the training is as follows: 

For 1 minute skip the rope with a fast pace. Then take a break for 30 second. This is followed by 2 minutes of slow skipping. This set should be repeated at least 4 times.

Of course, if you are feeling brave or highly motivated, you can do the set more often. This training should be done twice a week.

For the intermediate rope skipper the training contains:

Skipping the rope with a fast pace for 1 minutes with a 30 second break between them. Repeat this four times. After this is completed there are 2 minutes of slow skipping for recovery. The whole set is repeated three times.

The recommended days for training are: Tuesday and Saturday, or Wednesday and Friday.

Personally, I enjoy skipping the rope the most in winter. It is an exercise that you can always do, and it does not take up a lot of time.

Sadly, skipping as the only exercise can become a bit ... boring. Thus I prefer to work on my muscle strength as well, often with the help of ...


As I already mentioned I use Yoga mostly to exercise and build up muscles. The sport requires little to no exercise tools. Maybe you need a mat, but if the times are hard you can fold your duvet, or use a rug - been there, done that, it works.

Nowadays, there are millions of training videos on the internet to help you find just the right workout. Personally, I am a fan of  "Happy und Fit Yoga" (German), and Yoga With Adriene is highly recommended. Even so, if you type in "Yoga - fat burning" it won't take long until you find a video that suits your requirements. There are also different types of levels as well depending on your fitness level.

Just like rope skipping, the sport requires very little: maybe two meters of space, a laptop and bagging bottoms. That's it!

Why Not Try A Winter Sport?

Winter gives you many opportunities to do sports you wouldn't normally do, or be able to do. For example, it is quite tricky to go skiing in summer ...

Thus every once in a while, I'd like to replace one day of sport with an outdoor activity: such as hiking, or ice skating. If the opportunity presents itself, I love to ski and won't say no! This keeps things lively, and every once in a while you get to smell fresh air again.

I hope that the suggestions help you to stay fit during the winter. Is there any particular sport that you love doing in winter, and how do you keep fit?


  1. Skipping rope would be a pretty good cardio workout I think. Hadn't thought about it. Good list of recommendations

  2. I’ve heard skipping ropes are an amazing way to work out because they utilise all your body. Totally need to invest in one!

    Yoga and jogging are great ideas too, I’ve still never dabbled in trying Yoga myself 🙈 Will have to fix that this year!

    Thank you for sharing these tips! ☺️


    1. Good luck with the Yoga. I always thought it wouldn't work as actual work-out because in schools we only ever had those "do it to find your inner balance" classes ... but once I looked for something more suitable for me it worked! :)

  3. I've always wanted to try yoga but am so intimidated by it!!! I have zero flexibility but maybe that's something I can work on this year :) I don't think you NEED a gym membership at all. Although knowing me, I'll sign up again & then stop going & the cycle continues each year ☹️

  4. I have given up on going to the gym a long time ago! too expensive and time consuming. And i had no motivation. I need to stay fit though! these will help! xx corinne

  5. I love the idea of this. I'm a runner (an injured one right now) but I have to admit I find it really hard this time of year. I'm always freezing so I typically wear your -0 suggestions in summer. I wish I was joking 💚 😂
    Great tips though. I find at home YouTube workouts great in winter x


    1. Thank you! Yes, YouTube can be such a lifesaver ♥ I hope you are going to recover soon Xx

  6. Sadly winter sports aren't really and option here in the Netherlands - unless you want to spend a fortune on indoor snowboarding and stuff like that. I'll just stick with jogging. I've considered joining a gym though, because I like treadmills better than the long straight roads I take on my runs, but 40 euros a month? I don't think so.

    x Envy

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I considered joining a gym as well for winter only, but you can only subscribe to them on a yearly basis not per month. So it isn't worth it because I wouldn't visit in Spring, Summer and Autumn. :s

  7. I’ve been doing some yoga recently as well as trying out other fitness videos as a cheap alternative to the gym and I’m loving it! I got a yoga mat for Christmas and it’s really helped inspire me! There are some great ideas here too! Thanks!

  8. I hate jogging with a passion but love skip rope, yoga and indoor workout videos!- x

  9. Yoga is definitely a great winter work out but often I do it in my PJs cause the house is so cold!

  10. This is the perfect post o needed to read right now! I’ve been trying to find ways to work out without the gym, I’ve thought about running but meh haha

    Jessica & James | /

    1. I am glad that it was helpful, jogging isn't something for everyone. Luckily, there are alternatives :)

  11. Yoga with Adriene is such a good channel - I'm currently doing her 30 day yoga challenge and I'm really enjoying it!

    Carla x

  12. Yoga with Adriene is fantastic! 💖 These are all really great ideas. I especially like the skipping rope suggestion - an affordable way and fun way to add some cardio in! Great post! <3

    Bexa |

  13. I definitely agree about the saying that there is no wrong type of weather, only the wrong choice of clothes! My boyfriend and I went for a jog in the snow yesterday, and despite getting absolutely drenched, we both really enjoyed it! I love yoga for the fact that you don't need any equipment either, Yoga with Adriene is always my go to!

    Abbey x

    1. Yeah, jogging in winter can be exhausting but also really beautiful. I am glad you enjoyed it ♥


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