Falling In Love With the Elegance Of The Catrice Brown Collection

The other day I went out to spend a gift card. Very sensibly I made a list and then even more sensibly I ended up in the aisle filled with nail varnish. This was when a collection by catrice caught my eye: The Brown Collection.

It consists of five shades:

  • 01 Fashion Addict: A brown varnish with a slight shade of silver under the light
  • 02 Sophisticated Vogue: metallic brown with an effect to match 
  • 03 Goddess of Bronze: shinning bronze with a slight shimmer
  • 04 Unmistakable Style: a coffee brown with small sparkling golden flakes
  • 05 Pure Elegance: a simple and dark brown varnish - no sparkles and shimmer 

I know what you're thinking right now: "Brown nail varnish, uh, okay?" However, they strike me as rather elegant - while pink, blue, and violet are great, they lack the elegance that comes with this collection. Brown is subtle colour, and with a few small touches, catrice managed to make it appealing. 

A moment later I went out of the shop with three little bottles: "Fashion Addict", "Goddess of Bronze", and "Unmistakable Style."

01 Fashion Addict is a lighter shade than the others and I needed two to three layers to get full coverage. Stripes are kept to a minimum and once they fully dried the shimmer came into play:

taken in direct sunlight 
Using 03 Goddess of Bronze  I needed two layers for full coverage. There are hardly any to no stripes visible after applying.

taken in natural light
It is an unique bronze with a shimmer. The colour works well with every casual business outfit. On the first day I wore it to work, I already got two compliments.

Meanwhile, 04 Unmistakable Style needs only one layer, and has the best coverage of the set. It offers a full coffee brown with little orange flakes.

again, taken in direct sunlight
If you want to go for this colour but more classic, then I'd pick "05 Pure Elegance," which is almost the same shade but without the sparkling flakes. Even though the playful touches of "Unmistakable Style" are so subtle that they would work with every ball dress, as well as in business meetings. On top of this, "Pure Elegance" is only available in bigger stores, thus harder to find.

My personal favourites are "03 Goddess of Bronze" because of the unique colour, and "04 Unmistakable Style" as the name already says it is unmistakably stylish but I also love the richness combined the playful touches!

The bottles follow a simple design and underneath the rosé gold cap is another that seals the varnish. Each bottle contains 10,5 mL.

Catrice already provides a brush, it helps in applying the varnish easily and covers a practical area. No blots are made. Within two minutes it had dried and normal duties can be resumed.

Using a base-coat and no top-coat the life span is 6 days. Mistakes and chipped off pieces are easy to correct, and the procedure doesn't leave nasty edges.

On top of this, this range is a vegan product and each bottle costs only 2,99€. Catrice provides a beautiful and durable product. The whole collection would cost no less than 14,95€ ... so if you excuse me now, I have to run some highly important errands. 


  1. Goddess of Brown really does look pretty... who would have thought of brown nail paint

    1. At first I was skeptic too, but now I love it ♥

  2. I love brown and warm toned nail varnishes! These look so pretty, I’d love to try them

    Suffering Wanderlust

    1. When you get the chance, tell me what you thought Xx

  3. These shades are beautiful!
    I have to agree - there is something elegant about brown shades.
    Cora | http://www.teapartyprincess.co.uk/

    1. I think so too, they work very well at work =)

  4. I think my fave would be number 4! I don’t really wear nail varnish a lot. I should make more of an effort! x

  5. I love the third one! Definitely my favourite. I usually stick to plain red polish but these shades are beautiful. Maybe it's time to broaden my collection x


    1. Thank you for stopping by, I am glad you like them. And be careful before you end up with too much 😂😅

  6. They all looked actually really good! The nr4 was my favorite. Could use any of them easily :)!

    1. Aren't they? ♥ Thanks for stopping by!


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