Definitely Dreaming: Project 52

I am a bit of a hobby photographer. Not only for the blog, I also like to take fancy shots of buildings, simple flowers, and pretty much everything that tickles my fancy. I am physically unable to delete any type of photo.

Last year I took part in the daily dreaming photography challenge for February but due to reconstructing my Instagram the photos are no longer available to the public. Furthermore, I did not manage more than a month, even though it was great fun. Thus I was delighted to learn that the challenge continues in 2018 but with weekly prompts - you can find the original post here.

This time I am equipped with a real camera too, so let the fun begin! By the end of the month I am going to share the results of my snaps, and on twitter on each Sunday. I hope you enjoy!

These are the snaps from January:

Week 1 - The Beginning 
... of a new day

Week 2 - Healthy

Week 3 - Out and About

Week 4 - Filling the Frame

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