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December's Favourites:
Embracing The Christmas Mood

First of all, I hope that every one of you had a merry Christmas and a happy New Year as well. Hopefully your resolutions are going to go well, and life is going to bring you joy and many adventures in 2018! 

Now, that the niceties are done, we can turn to what were my favourites in the long distant time of December 2017!

This December has been marked by embracing the Christmas mood for the first time in my life. Not in the way that I wore strange hats, or decorated the house a lot. Instead, I celebrated by wearing the appropriate clothes. Nowadays, a pair of leggings with a certain theme found its way into my closet. By far the best addition I made was a Christmas jumper by H and M:


I love this jumper because its Christmas theme is not traditional. Yet, you can tell that is meant to be for the season. On top of this any clothing item that depicts a cat dressed up as a unicorn is high fashion!

I would suggest taking a size smaller because it is a baggy fit. However, this depends on how you want to wear it. If you want a cosy and baggy fit then your normal size works all right, and the jumper looks good either way. If you don't want a jumper in which you can snuggle a bit and flap the arms around, I'd go for one size smaller

Now I hear you ask "but Susanne, Christmas is over. It is January" while rolling your eyes. While this is true, I also made the discovery that buying a Christmas jumper around Christmas is surprisingly difficult. Thus I recommend that you get your jumper now. Maybe you'll even save a few cents because it is on sale soon. Most importantly you're going to look perfect next Christmas!


The Grand Tour - Series 2

December also marked the return of three wise men: "The Grand Tour" returned for their second series!

I have to admit that I am a fan of the show, and have followed the three motoring journalists for a few years. While the first series had a few rough edges and still seemed to a bit wooden, the second series has polished these out. The humour is on point, the "characters" feel much more at home, and the parts that did not work out were ditched and replaced with something that does work!

This makes for a comfortable viewing at home, when you try to relax and undo the knot in your brain! A new episode is available every Friday on an Amazon Prime near you.


Legendary (EP) - Welshly Arms

The very first time I encountered the song "Legendary" was in the WEC. Afterwards it seemed to haunt me! It appeared everywhere: in my rec list, on the radio, and in my friend's iPod. One day, I was overcome with nostalgia about the plucky LMP1 and went onto an online music store and got the whole album instead.

The EP was only 4,99€ and includes four songs: Legendary, Who We Are, The Only, and Never Be The Same.

Legendary is the most popular song. It samples AWOLNation's "Sail", creating a song that has grunt, a great lyrics and a unique beat. After this, my second favourite song is "The Only" ... and that was very hard to pick. I bet you any money if you ask me tomorrow I am going to say "Never Be The Same." and so on ...

100% would recommend!


"We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect"
by Anaïs Nin

It is a beautiful quote that tells the truth, end of ...


  1. I can see why you like that quote :). Your sweater is indeed very cute :). Pink and unicorns are not my favourites, but it's a christmas sweater, so normal rules don't apply anyway :). (And yay for GT ♡.)

  2. Aww that jumper is so cute!! I definitely need to check that album out too!

    Have a happy new year ☺️

    1. Aww, thank you a happy new year in return :) and I hope you enjoy the album as well!

  3. Great post! Happy New Year! ❤️

  4. I've never actually seen The Grand Tour but I used to love Top Gear when the three of them presented that. I love the dynamic between the three of them x


    1. Then you should check out The Grand Tour! The dynamic between the three is still the same :) Thank you for stopping by.


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