A Love Letter To Hoodies

Dear Hoodies,

thank you for being here. I adore that you exist. You make the world into a brighter and better place. Most importantly, you make it into a warmer place.

Why? In winter there is hardly a better garment than a hoodie. You give me warmth and you always fit. It does not matter if I want you to be a tight fit - you are there. The next day I want a baggy fit? There is an option as well.

It is true, I prefer male hoodies over hoodies for women, but why should I stay within those pesky social boundaries when the one that makes me happier is outside the norm. You allow me to break past those gender-roles that are seemingly set in stone.

With male hoodies it does not matter which size I pick. Gehupft wie geschlupft, as we'd say in Austria. XS? Not a problem. S? Works as well. And if I want to completely disappear and hide from the cold world ... XL, you are my friend!

Most importantly, hoodies cannot be weirdly cut. You wouldn't believe me if I told you what New Yorker and others can do to a t-shirt! I don't even think they have them in stock any more ... At least not for the ladies, but then again male fashion is as creative as owning a grey car.

This shan't be written to shame others. Instead I am here to celebrate your brilliance! You allow me a comfy and simple garment for almost every occasion. A trip to the cine? I'll take you with me. Just lolling around on the sofa with a book? You're right there. Something to keep me warm on a jog? You don't let me down.

Even this summer, you stood by my side as a "Pendlerhoodie." I wore you in the earliest hour of the day - when it was too warm for a jacket but too cold for a sleeveless shirt! In the evening, it was easy to take you home. You never left my side and even as I write this love letter, you are with me. A reliable companion throughout all my life.

On top of this, you give me options to express myself. There are only so many garments that can be used to print pictures on. There is no such thing as a fan-blazer on which the tour dates of your favourite brand are printed on. However, there are enough fan-hoodies, with little figures and hints that only someone alike understands.

As a hoodie, you are the real MVP. You are comfortable, and there is a variaty of you. Thinner ones for summer, thicker ones for winter. A mixture for autumn and spring. Made out of special material for sport, but even so, the normal option works too. There is a varaity of colours and possibilities. You are the socially accepted norm for every day tasks. You are a hoodie, and you are loved!

With love,


  1. I love hoodies too especially on long distance flights. It's like wearing a blanket in a socially acceptable way.

    1. That's a great way of using them. I hadn't considered that before!

  2. Hoodies are so warm and useful especially in the winter as I throw it on when i take my dog for a walk.


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