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November's Favourites:
Fancy Eye-Shadow and The Big Sick

As we cross from November into December it is time to announce which products, and artists have caught my attention. First we shall begin with the lifestyle product!


This month I absolutely fell in love with Maybelline New York's eye-shadow palette The Blushed Nudes.

I bought this palette because I needed lighter colours than the one I was already using (The Rock Nudes). Since the Maybelline impressed me before, I saw no reason why I shouldn't turn to the brand once more.

Even though, the colours are a lighter range than from its sister, you still get a variety of shades: from white to almost a dark brown. The darker colours always have a sparkly highlight, and who can really say no to sparkles?

These two images are not edited and were taken with natural daylight

I use this when I want to achieve a light look for work. After a month, I fell so much in love with it that it is already part of my make-up routine! 

If you use a primer as well, the powder is going to last a full working day! The palette cost me 15€. This means roughly - getting a calculator - 1,25€ per colour.



In the month that is known as November, Bastille dropped a new single called "World Gone Mad"

I am - admittedly - a fan of the band, but unlike with Imagine Dragons I am not late to the party for once. Bastille always manages to impress me again and again. Not only with their music alone, the music video that goes along with "World Gone Mad" is simply beautiful!


The Big Sick

I only recently saw "The Big Sick" in the cinema. I had expected a kind of "chick flick" with cheap comedy gags. However, what I got instead was a film that touched many aspects at once!

The story is about Kumail, a standup comedian, who runs into Emily after his show. Then a one-night-stand becomes a relationship. However, Kumail's Pakistani parents are still trying to set him up with various women from his culture. He has not told them of Emily, in fear of rejection.

Soon Emily learns about this, and because neither can see a long-term future due to the family situation, Emily ends the relationship. A few days later, Kumail gets a call from hospital, Emily has an infection, and has to be put into a medical induced coma in order to be treated ...

While the plot sounds gloomy, it is a comedy. However, the jokes and gags are never cheap. Instead they are thought through. If there is a cheap joke the film becomes self-aware and it is treated as such. There were moments when I was properly laughing. Suddenly, half an hour later, I was trying to hold back tears.

The relationship between Kumail and Emily casts a spell over you and you begin to pine for them. At the same time, you are not sure if they're going to get their "romantic comedy" happy ending because it does not play with the rom-com cliches where it matters - such as touching on inter-racial relationships. At the same time it always manages to bring a touch of humour into almost every scene. 


writing problems: writing

This is a "joke quote" taken from tumblr user ketrinsbooklr. Honestly, having come off a whole month of NaNo-ing, I can relate, and shall stand by this quote.

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