A Messy Person's Make-Up Routine

The Products I Use And Love

Everyone has a little bit more make-up lying around than they need. Thus we end up with a big make-up baggy and a pile next to it with the special bits.There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel just that extra bit pretty, and of course, you want to have that blue eye-shadow palette for the special occasion!

As it is with the nature of my bathroom there is a pile of make-up that belongs to my daily routine. I always turn to these products first. I don't wear make-up every single day, and on some days I won't have my whole face covered - maybe just a bit of foundation. However, when I go to work, I tend to put on the full show, simply because it is part of my job to look decent.

After rolling out of bed, finding the will to life, a healthy breakfast and some strong tea, I turn to the mirror, and the already mentioned pile and begin with the primer:

Catrice Cosmetics: Prime and Fine 

Usually, I am not in the camp "use a primer every time you wear make-up" and honestly, I don't.

Since I do not have the time to pamper my make-up up every few hours, I need to make sure that whatever I put on afterwards stays on! At first I was skeptical because I wasn't quite sure that it would help or indeed work. Hence, I went with my most trusted brand (as you'll see) and "Prime and Fine" by catrice wasn't expensive either.

Very soon, I was convinced! The product worked. The awkward lines that appear on your lids when you wear eye-shadow for a long time have disappeared. Furthermore, it makes my skin feel like an angel's canvas!

Catrice 24h Made To Stay Make Up


Liquid Camouflage 

Since my skin has the annoying tendency to sport more than few spots on some days, I almost always wear foundation. Pretty much since puberty, I have been become hyper-aware of any "irregularity" on my skin ... 

It has taken some time to find a product that wasn't super expensive and still covered everything for a long time. "Made To Stay" is the general foundation that covers light spots, and pores. I am not quite sure it actually last 24h, but I can put my head in the noose for 14h - which is already impressive! 

Meanwhile, the "Liquid Camouflage" is a gift from the heavens. It covers everything that you can imagine: circles under your eyes? Got you. A hideous big red spot? No problem there. According to the small blurb it also covers tattoos - lacking those at the moment, I will report back on a later. However, I am so impressed by the product that I am inclined to believe it. After it has dried - which only takes a half a minute - it stays on for almost all of the day as well. 

Using it together with "Made To Stay" and you have the ultimate power couple of foundation. 

Maybelline The Rock Nudes


The blushed Nudes

I simply can't chose between these palettes. Both were under 15€ and offer a good range of colours and different shades to play with. 

Furthermore, the colours are quite strong, so be sure to put little on your brush when you want to go for a lighter look. "The Rock Nudes" feature darker colours, while "The blushed Nudes" are a lighter range.

Not only can you experiment with the colours yourself, Maybelline also provide a helpful chart on the back with suggestions which colours would work well together. This includes duos, trios and quats. This is super helpful at 6 AM when you're not even sure yet where you parked your car ... 

essence liquid ink 


Catrice Lashes To Kill 

Personally, I can handle liquid eyeliner much better than any type of eyeliner. With "liquid ink" it only takes me a minute to get the perfect line.

Furthermore, I have this theory that this eyeliner is indestructible. The only time it is in danger of smudging is when its drying, or when you come near it with the make-up remover ... One time I fell asleep with the eyeliner still on -  a big no-go, but who hasn't been there - and the next day it looked like I had only just put it on.

"Lashes To Kill" gives you just the right amount of extra boost for your eyelashes. The one I had prior was not strong enough and hence my eyelashes would start to disappear when I'd wear darker eye-shadow. As you can imagine that's pretty annoying. Hence I am glad I use the "Lashes To Kill" nowadays. 

These products not the most expensive but the quality is high, and thus I am happy with the result. Then I am ready to set off to work ... only missing my cup of coffee now ...

Wistfully looking at a cup of coffee with my make-up on

What is your make-up routine? 


  1. Great post! I love the Mayblline nudes palettes! xxx

    1. Thank you! And yes, the palettes are fabulous 😊

  2. Can't buy another eyeshadow palette. Must. Resist.
    Awesome post tho :D

    1. Thank you :) and ... yes. You. Can. Buy. Another!


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