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Make Me by Lee Child

The question how exactly I fell into the genre of the Jack Reacher books is hard to answer. I remember that someone on twitter was all over the place about "Never Go Back" and being desperate for a new read I decided to give it a go. I liked it but not enough to hunt down the whole series. Instead, I fell in love slowly.

Almost all Jack Reacher books follow a similar story line:

Reacher ends up in strange town, meets Pretty Girl, together they solve the mystery, some bad guys get beaten up, Pretty Girl and Reacher fall in love, justice is brought to the world. Then Pretty Girl and Reacher decide that they like each other but they move on.

"Make Me" hardly divert from this concept: Reacher gets off the train at Mother's Rest because he is curious about the origin of the name. Instead of solving this mystery, he finds another which involves "200 deaths," a missing private detective and the darkest edges of the internet.

Don't even assume that because it's the 20th book of the series that Child has lost his edge because it is just the opposite. While "Never Go Back" has been criticized for not being a "real" Jack Reacher book, he is back in this one! Child paints a perfect picture, and you get a real main character, and follow his thought process while the mystery is unraveled.

At first, you're wandering around confused. Suddenly you think that you're finally one step ahead of the plot but then a curve ball is thrown into your face. The plot is not artificially dramatic, and I never found myself thinking with an eye-roll "Really? That's just unnecessary drama."

While the classic thriller plot offers the opportunity to turn the female partner into a shallow character who is just there as a love interst, Child didn't falls into this trap. Chang is a well developed character with a past, present and future.

In the end, this book is well worth its money and offers you almost 500 action packed and thrilling pages!

Make Me by Lee Child
Published:2015 by Bantam Books
Series: Jack ReacherNo. XX
Pages: 491

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